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Features of Android and iOS That They Haven't Stole From Each Other Yet

Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the two most popularly used mobile OS in the world today. Often times there has been controversies amongst the users of iOS and Android concerning which OS is best than the other. We at techvillz.com however, carefully analyzed, compare and contrast the both OSes and then drew a conclusion which states: The pros of Android are the Cons of iOS and vice versa. Perhaps checking this article on 4 Reasons To Choose iPhone Over Android and then Google Pixel VS iPhone Compared will throw more light on today's topic which says Features of Android and iOS They Haven't Stole From Each Other. So without taking further time, lets quickly get into it and we will begin with Android.
The Best Features That Android and iOS Still Haven't Stolen From Each Other

1.    Android Default Apps Feature

iPhone has been around up to a decade now and its uses are still limited to the apps that Apple provide them with. For instance, an iPhone user can't open a web link without Safari, or pictures in anything other than Photos, or emails other than Mail. And all those apps are placed there by Apple INC. on default and can not be changed.

But in Android, the reverse is the case, Google Android powered smartphones might come with several default apps like Google Photos for viewing images, Gmail for opening emails, Google Music for opening audio files, etc. Now all these apps might come pre-installed on any given Android phone but a user can decide whether he/she can use them as default apps for performing certain operations.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of options of apps the user can choose from, download them, install them and set them as default apps while performing certain actions on an Android phone.

Chances are still low to determine if Apple will give users an opportunity to choose their own custom made or third-party apps to do some certain actions in their iPhone, but we can still dream and hope that the day will come.

2.    Launcher Apps Feature

Launcher apps are those apps in Android that when downloaded and installed, helps the user to easily configure and customize the looks, feel and interface of his/her Android phone. There are several Android launcher apps you can choose from depending on what you want, like parents and guardians who have kids and minors under their watch, Luna Launcher is your best option. 

Another suitable option for Adults with kids is the recently launched  Samsun's Marshmallow, then for youths and singles, Smart Launcher Pro or Fast launcher is your best bet.

And Now we talk about some iPhone features, continuing from number 3

3.    Spotlight

Google might be the god of anything search, type in a few characters or even a sentence in the search-bar and you will be presented with the best fitting result. But in Spotlight?, Apple actually beat them to it, though they are actually getting better at it too.

So what does Apple Spotlight does? Apple’s iOS-wide Spotlight search is a feature in iOS that get you information on anything you want instantly. Just tap out a few keywords and you get results either on the web, or in your contacts, or from nearby locations, in files on your phone and much more.

4.    Continuity and Easy Integration

Another good feature that iOS has which is greatly missed in Android is the ability to connect your devices irrespective of it platform and continue your work. But in Apple iOS powered devices, this can be easily done.

Continuity and Easy Integration is so easy and down to earth on iOS devices that you can even start up a work on a Mac PC and finish it on an iPad. You can even do a simple copy and paste within those devices and this feature is not seen in Google powered devices yet. (NB) Both devices must be running on the latest version of their OSes before integration can be possible.

5.    Smart Unlock (Android)

Android might be more vulnerable than iOS in all things security, but this smart lock feature puts Android in a high advantage over their contemporaries, Apple. A regular lock screen password or PIN code is essential for smartphone user who is interested in protecting their smartphones. But there may be times and places when and where you'd feel to have the convenience over the extra security. and trust me, that is where this Android smart-lock feature comes in handy.

This Smart Unlock in Android phones lets users lock some parts or sections of their phones without locking the whole device. You can decide to lock your gallery files and dial-pad while you leave the main menu and app drawer unlocked.

6.    iMessage (iOS)

I can't say that Apple's iMessage is every iPhone users favorite messaging app, but, I believe it will be fair to say it does an excellent job of syncing communications across all of Apple’s products (not to mention keeping users locked into iOS). Encryption is built right into the app too, and iMessage has gotten a lot more lively over the last year with its introduction in the Apple store.

However, Google Hangouts seemed to be the best option for a rival, but we both know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. However, Google Allo might be the best Alternative if it finally gets a gets a desktop client.

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