Be Informed And Earn: August 2017 Review of Cheapest Data Plans For Smartphones and PC

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 2017 Review of Cheapest Data Plans For Smartphones and PC

It's another new month again, and we at wishes all our readers a happy and fruitful August. We are here again to give you the review of Cheapest Data Plans For Smartphones & PC in the month of August. So without taking much time in the introduction, let us quickly get to it as there was a few changes and development within the last month in the telecoms industry.

1.    9Mobile:

As we already know, Etisalat NG is now 9mobile due to the changes made in their name and management. And without wasting any time, they have already starting rewarding both new and existing customers with incredible offers and bonuses like the 9mobile WinBack offer and so on. But if you are still yet to enjoy this, just follow this article here and see how to get yours
9mobile also unveiled what everyone thought to be a timely-based unlimited browsing and download called BlazeOn, but the bitter truth about it is that it is actually capped, and it's not unlimited as everyone thought. And here is the real value of those acclaimed unlimited time-based plans and their data allocation.
==>>    10min plan of BlazeOn plan,50 is capped at 230MB
==>>    15min plan of ₦70 is capped at 350MB
==>>    30min plan of ₦120 is capped at 780MB
==>>    1hour plan of ₦200 is capped at 1580MB
What this means is that once you've used up to that amount of data according to the plan you bought, your subscription will be renewed or your connection will be terminated.

To opt-in to any of the 9mobile BlazeOn plan, text “Bblazeon” to 229. Alternatively, you can download & install the BblazeOn app from Google Play Store Set up the app, and you are good to go. The BlazeOn app as at the time of publishing this article is exclusive to Android users.

Still, on 9mobile, you can also get 1gb at 500 and 2gb for 800, both valid for 30days

2.    MTN NG

I am sorry if you missed the MTN My App 100mb that went viral last month. Nevertheless, MTN knew that not everyone enjoyed it, so they increased the allocated data volumes of their already existing daily and weekly data plans, and here are the new data allocations and how to subscribe to any of them:

1.    50MB For 100-------instead of 30MB For ₦100
Text 104 to 131 (valid for 1 day)

2.    150MB for 200-------instead of 100MB For 200
Text 113 to 131 (valid for 1 day)

3.    Weekly Plans
150MB for 300
Type 102 in a text message and send to 131 (valid for 7 days) For other MTN data plans, dial *123# then select option 3 which is for data services/ plans. Alternatively, you can get MTN 1GB at 800 and 2GB at 1300, both valid for 90days.

3.    Glo NG

There is really nothing left to say about Baba-glo-slow, other than their annoying performances. But if Glo is good in your area, and you have 4GLTE, you can go ahead and buy any of the Glo data plans by dialing *777# to get started. And if you still don't know what to do to be getting 100% bonus each time you buy Glo data? Here is a complete guide for you.

Also, you can join other users and enjoy the currently blazing Glo 0.0k free and unlimited browsing and download with Anonytun VPN for Android phones or Betagol VPN software for PC


Airtel unveiled what everyone thought to be an unlimited browsing and download plan, but I just discovered that the plan isn't unlimited, that each of those plans is capped at a particular limit. Below are all you need to know about the latest Airtel unlimited plan.

==>>>    They comes in 3 packages which are 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000.

==>>>    Does not rollover, i.e., any unused data will be wiped off once the subscription expires.

==>>>    For the 10,000 plan, Fair user policy applies once you passed 40GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb). Dial *462*10# if you wish to activate.

==>>>    For the 15,000 plan, Fair user policy applies once you passed 65GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb). Dial *462*15# to activate.

==>>>    For the 15,000 plan, Fair user policy applies once you passed 100GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb). Airtel will give you a free Airtel MiFi, dial  *462*20#

==>>>    Each of these data plans does not zap and they are all valid for 30 days.

==>>>    Any data bought can not be shared, but you can wirelessly connect up to 8 devices to it.

==>>>    The subscriber cannot see the data., meaning that there is no code to check the data balance.

Still, on Airtel, Airtel Smartrybe is still the best option for low and mid internet users and downloaders. On Airtel SmarTrybe, you get to enjoy:

==>> Trybe Special Data:    Which gives you 1GB of data for ₦500 that will be valid for one week (7 days).

==>> Trybe Night Browsing:  Which gives you 500MB data for ₦25 and can be used between 12:00am – 5:00am.
1.5GB for ₦200 that can be used between 12:00am-5am 

==>> Trybe Weekend:  Customers on Airtel  SmartTryBe on every weekend, enjoy 250 MB with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers for just ₦200. 

==>>    11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and so on. Dial *312# to join Airtel SmartTrybe.

So that is all about the August 2017 Review of Cheapest Data Plans For Smartphones and PC. We wish you a fruitful and new month. Please do not go and spend money unnecessarily buying data or using Pay-as-You-Go.

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