Be Informed And Earn: 6 Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore Especially While Charging Your Smartphone

Monday, August 14, 2017

6 Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore Especially While Charging Your Smartphone

Above half of the world's population is on smartphones now, and times like this is suitable to remind ourselves that these gadgets are man-made, thus failure and flaws are inevitable. Many people use their smartphones carelessly that they forget that their safety should come first before the safety of their smartphones. But it is unfortunate that in some cases, the many smartphone users, knowingly or unknowingly put their phone's safety first before theirs
tips for charging your iPhone as fast as possible
I am sure that we have seen severally cases of smartphones that went haywire and inflicted a serious damage and injury to its user. We saw the case of Brianna Olivas, otherwise known as Bree, an 18-year-old college student in Tucson, Arizona. Who's rose gold, 128GB iPhone 7+ burnt beyond repair out of the blue. We also saw the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that set a car ablaze while charging en route. I am positive that we've also seen several other plagiarized pictures and posts on social media of people whose smartphones injured seriously. And I believe that these 2 reasons and many more we've experienced by are enough reason to remind us of some safety measure we should never ignore while using our smartphones, and they are;

1.    Always Charge Your Smartphone with Original Charger

Charging your phone with its manufacturer's default charger will help your battery to last longer and also decrease the chance of your smartphone being heat-up while charging. Some smartphones are designed to be so sensitive about their input and output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) and notify the user immediately if there is/are any anomalies detected with the current flow.

2.    Remove Your Phone's Protective Case While Charging it

This practice might seem a little bit difficult for some smartphone users to practice, (I myself included) but the truth is that your phone need air and leaving it in its protective pack while it is being charged, is a good way of depriving your phone of oxygen. Several phones get slightly warm when they are being charged, so removing the phone protective case will enable the phone to get air as well as reduce the heat that is building up inside.

3.    Charge Your Phone To 80-95% At Most

Several smartphone users do get greedy when charging their phones. They leave their phones plugged into the power source and go bed, allowing the phone to charge overnight. Well, that is a bad thing to do, because charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Make sure you unplug your phone from the power source before going off to bed at night.

4.    Avoid Third-Party Battery Apps

This one is my own personal observation, I learned that installing a third-party battery manager app is not good for your battery. This is because these apps automatically running in the background whenever your phone is on commission (in use). You need to avoid apps that run in the background as much as possible unless they are of extreme importance to you.

5.    Avoid Constant Charging of your Smartphone

Most smartphone users are fond of putting back their smartphone to a charging outlet once the battery gets short of 100 to 80%, but truthfully that is a wrong thing to do. Normally, you should only charge your smartphone when and only when it gives a signal or notification of battery being low. It is unhealthy to charge your phone when the battery isn't low yet. You are expected to make a cycle use and make a cycle recharge of your battery, and not making an interval use. So always allow your phone battery to deplete and properly to at least 20 to 15 or 10% before you charge it again.

6.    Never Use Your Phone While it is Charging

The charging process shouldn't be interrupted, so as to enable your phone to charge properly and completely. But you'd be surprised to see that some phone addicts use their phone to stay connected on the internet while it is being charged. While some ignorant once go as far as making calls with their phones while it is charging. Please by doing so, you are shortening the lifespan of your phone and your battery and more importantly, putting yourself and harms way.

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Please stop using or do not use your phones for anything while it is being plugged into a power outlet. Leave the phone to charge and make a complete charging cycle, but if you must use it, kindly unplug it from the power outlet and then put it back to charge once you are done.

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  1. Great article, I have never heard of this information before, it is very informative and very well explained, and I will try my best to practice these safety tips. Thank for sharing.


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