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Top 5 Open Source Linux Media Players 2017

Linux is a great operating system, but unfortunately, it is not meant for everyone. It requires a great deal of time, practice and patience before you can get the hang of it. The complexity of the system is one of the reasons that compel computer users from using Linux. In Windows, you can easily download any software program you want, but achieving the same goal in Linux is not that straight. So if you are using Linux, you this list of top 5 open source Linux media players definitely for you.
Top 5 Media Players in Linux
1.    VLC Media Player
Whether in Windows or in Linux, VLC media player rocks. No matter what's playing, whether it is audio or video it still gives the best quality. It comes pre-loaded with tons of preferences and control settings that gives the user full control over the software. It comes pre-installed in Kali Linux, but other Linux distro(s) where VLC is absent, can visit

2.    Kodi Player

After VLC comes another powerful open source media player called Kodi. It is a cross-platform media player that is loaded with lots of features which make to flawlessly play and stream any type of media irrespective of the OS it ios being used. Kodi is good fro those who want all in one media managing and playing solutions. To install Kodi on your Linux machine, just follow these guidelines here

3.    MPlayer

MPlayer keeps it simple and easy, unlike Kodi and VLC. It has a clean interface with less-crowded UI. MPlayer is definitely the best bet for users who play most of the simple quality media contents, as it is not enriched with enough qualities to handle high-quality 4k visual media files. To get MPlayer, visit MPlayer HQ

4.    MPV

This is another simple but efficient media player for Linux user(s) and is mostly found on Arch Linux machines Though it doesn't spot some complex or advanced features, MPV decodes and plays video files that are up to 4K res. MPV player can be downloaded at ArchLinux's Wiki Page

5.     Banshee

Saved the best for the last, Banshee is one of the most impressive open source media player I've come across. The project (Banshee) was started by Aaron in early 2005 and is firmly affiliated with GNOME. It is now being handled by and maintained by Aaron Bockover, Andres G. Aragoneses, Alexander Kojevnikov, Bertrand Lorentz, and Gabriel Burt. Over 155 developers, 130 translators, 6 artists, and many users, so trust me when I say that its support system is fantastic.

Besides Windows, Banshee can be used on any PC which runs on Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Mac OS X and much more. Click here to download Banshee media player.
There are tons of open source media players you can use in Linux, but for now, these are the best five for 2017. We hope to review more in coming articles.

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