Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Top 10 Browsers That Lets You Securely Browse The Internet

The Internet is no longer what it is today what it was 25 years ago. there's been several inventions and advancements. Some of these discoveries and advancements have brought good things, bad and even worse. And with this current rate of technological advancement, comes an increase a number of illegal activities being done on the web. So there is a need for you to be careful secure while using the internet. Below are some Android browser apps that lets you to securely browse the internet.
apps to securely browse the internet on android phone.

1.    Tor Phone (Orbot). Developed by The Tor Project

2.    OrFox:    Developed by the Tor Project

3.    Google Chrome:    Developed by Google Inc

4.    Armorfly Browser Downloader:    Developed by Cheetah Mobile (AppLock & AntiVirus)

5.    Webroot SecureWeb Browser:    Developed by Webroot Inc.

6.    Dolphin:    Developed by Dolphin

7.    Maxthon Browser:    Developed by Maxthon

8.    Asus Browser:    Developed by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.

9.    Javelin Incognito Browser:    Developed by Steven Goh

10.    Krypton Web Browser:    Developed by By Kr36, XDA.

There are tons of other web browsers that can let users browse the web anonymously or securely depending on the app's mode of operation. All of these apps listed above are free and available in the Google Play Store. I've added the developers of these apps so as to let you easily identify them on the app store, as there may be several copycats.

Which of these apps have you used before, or currently using?

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