Be Informed And Earn: These are The Cheapest Call Rates in MTN Nigeria

Saturday, July 22, 2017

These are The Cheapest Call Rates in MTN Nigeria

MTN is a South African based mobile telephone and internet service provider that operates in Nigeria. They offer both voice and data plans to both new and existing customers. Most of their internet plans can be used on any internet enabled device without any special configuration. So if you are a fan of MTN, here are the cheapest call tariff plans on the MTN  network. 

1.    MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse is prepaid tariff plan that allows customers make calls at a FLAT rate of 11kobo per sec (6.60 per minute)to all local Networks in Nigeria after spending a minimum of ₦10 daily.
 the cheapest call rates in Mtn nigeria

Other features of MTN Pulse include

a)    SMS to all local Networks in Nigeria will cost 4 per page

b)    You will get 10MB if you recharge with ₦100 and 20MB when you recharge with 200 or more. This free data is received once in every 7days. To view the bundle, simply dial *556# and is valid for 1day.

c)    You also enjoy happy hour night browsing of 500MB @ 25 naira daily and is useable from 12am to 4am. Send Night to 131 to activate the happy hour night browsing bundle 

d)    Enjoy 100% data bonus on the purchase of 500MB weekly bundle @ 500 (500MB data + 500MB bonus). To activate text P500 to 131,  or dial *406*2*2#. To check your bundle balance  by send 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#

e)    You can enjoy music streaming on Musicplus at 10 naira daily. To subscribe for MTN music plus, kindly send  M TO 5900. N10 will be deducted and you will enjoy the service for 1day. After which you will be required to subscribe to the weekly or monthly plan to continue enjoying the service. To Migrate to MTN Pulse, dial *406*1# OR TEXT 406 TO 131.

2.    MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk is prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with 150% airtime bonus on every recharge below 100 and 250% airtime bonus on recharges from 100 and above. 

Calls would be charged at 40kobo/sec (24 per minute) to all local Networks in Nigeria from the main and bonus airtime. 

To check your main account and bonus balances by dial *556#, the airtime bonus is valid for 7 days.

SMS to all local Networks in Nigeria will cost you 4 per page. To Migrate to MTN BetaTalk, dial *123*2*6# to migrate or BT TO 131.

3.    MTN Xtraspecial

MTN Xtraspecial is a prepaid tariff plan that allows customers enjoy a flat rate of 15kobo/sec (9 per minute) for calls to all local Networks in Nigeria and to some selected international countries from the very first  second. 

There is no daily access fee or minimum amount of airtime to spend before enjoying calls at ₦9 per minute.

No bonus airtime or data is given, irrespective of the amount you recharge.

SMS to all local Networks in Nigeria will cost you 4 per page. To migrate to MTN Xtraspecial, dial *408*1# or text 408 to 131.

4.    MTN Xtravalue bundle

MTN Xtravalue bundle is a plan that rewards customers with airtime for National SMS & calls. it also offers International calls to some selected countries and volumes of data for browsing after subscribing to the XxtraValue bundle plan. The XtraValue bundle is divided into 2, and they are 

i)    XtraTalk --this bundle gives you more airtime than data.
ii)    XtraData --this bundle gives you more data than airtime. 

You can purchase any XtraValue bundles by dialing *131*2#.  

Once you exhaust your bundle and you do not renew it, your calls, SMS or data will be deducted from your main account at the tariff plan rate of your current plan. National calls will be charged at 20k/per sec, standard International call rate and National SMS at 4.

So these are the top 4 tariff plans on the MTN network that offers the cheapest call rates at the moment. Each one of them gives you 10MB bonus whenever you make a VTU recharge of ₦50 and above. The bonus data is valid for 72hrs.

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  1. Ahswear airtel night plan beta pass mtn own both in speed when connected I prefer airtel than that of mtn.

    1. the connection and the speed depends on the location.. you'd be surprised to know that mtn is blazing super fast here while mtn is crawling


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