Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here is Lenovo CPlus, Lenovo’s New Idea Of Flexible SmartPhones

When Samsung came up with their own idea of foldable smartphones last year, most people thought they were crazy. Little did they know that foldable displays will soon become the order of the day and 1 year after Samsung's bendable smartphone surface the internet, a Chinese multinational technology company with headquartered in Beijing, China, known as Lenovo group, unveiled Lenovo CPlus which is their own idea of flexible smartphones. This was made known at the Lenovo Tech World Summit, the company revealed that the new product (Lenovo Cplus) will be a flexible smartphone to be worn in hand like a bracelet and to function like a smartwatch.
Lenovo CPlus Flexible SmartPhone

It is a combination of a Smarbracelet and a Smartphone which can be used for calls and texts, as well as worn all day like a wrist watch/band. This smartphone/watch will have a 4.35 AMOLED screen and a real leather back. It will come in several variations of color so that customers will have tons of options to choose from. You'd be surprised to know that the new product will feature a new digital method – CAVA – used for facial recognition and natural language processing and will also give recommendations based on your calendar.

In the leather braces will be ECG sensors which will give you more exact details about your heartbeat, steps walked, etc. Several gizmos like Alexa, Xperia Touch projector and SmartCast+ will also be live and the SmartCast+ will be able to recognize objects and sounds, which will enable Augmented Reality functions.
Lenovo CPlus bendable SmartPhone

The retail price and the availability of Levono CPlus flexible smartphone will be made known in the coming days, but for now, we all wait and see how the events of the coming days will unfold. So guys, what do you think of this bracelet? do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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