Be Informed And Earn: Five (5) Interesting Uses of VPN You Didn't Know

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Five (5) Interesting Uses of VPN You Didn't Know

Very often we do hear about VPN here and there, maybe at school, at work, in public place like a cafe, or at home, etc. And most times a good number of internet users have little or no knowledge about VPN. Even the ones that do, will ask themselves, why do I need a VPN, what advantages do I get from using a VPN? Well, the truth is that you need a VPN for many reasons,  top of the reasons is for privacy.
why should I use VPN?, Why you should use VPN

VPN means Virtual private network, it does many functions for the users like making you anonymous while using the internet, allowing you to access country-based web contents and files, and much more. So in this article, you are going to learn 5 benefits of VPN, and if at the end you would want to try out, there are tons of strong VPN services you can go with. The following are some advantages and uses of VPN you didn't know.

1.    Prevent DDoS attacks while Gaming Online:

I have personally seen a fellow who got hacked because she usually plays games online without first protecting her privacy. I blamed her more cause she had known what VPN is but was oblivious to try it out, thereby making herself vulnerable to distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

How Can VPN Protect me From DDoS Attack While Gaming Online?

DDoS is a targeted attack, it's like pointing a gun and then shooting, and when gamers is online enjoying his/her game, thousands or target packets are sent and received as the game goes on, making the user vulnerable to easy DDoS. But VPN keeps your connection encrypted and hidden, making sure you have nothing to worry about in regards to being the target of an attack. 

There are some gamers who don't take losing very well, especially when the stakes are high. So they go to the extent to hacking or sending a DDoS attack to the fellow opponent whom they just lost to. Using a VPN can protect you from such person because they attack who they don't see.

However, they are some Esports websites that don't permit users to connect via a virtual private network. So always read their terms and conditions before getting your account terminated.

2.    Keeps You Safe While Shopping Online

With the high increase of online commerce stores, it is really easy to chop for any item online and have it delivered at your home, office or postal address. When you shop online, you are expected to enter some personal information, and these information when falling into the wrong hand will do a lot of damage. 

Although many of these online stores have been SSL certified, there is still a great need for you as an online shopper to be proactive, because there are plenty of people out there who would like nothing more than to make you never want to shop online again. So using a VPN will make your details and connection more secure and contained within an encrypted tunnel.

3.    Gives You Targeted Ads as Well as Keeps You off Targeted Ads

VPN in terms of ads does 2 functions, and they are to give you target-based ads as well as sheild you from target-based ads. Which ever result you get depends on the setting you apply on your VPN client.

Whenever a user accesses a website using the internet, 1, 2 or more entities are informed about your usage of that particulare website and this is essential for marketing and advert purposes. 

This can come in handy when you are looking for particular product or services which are are not offered in your country. You can use a VPN to access any website of your choice, like, and once you that, you get an increased chances of seein adverts that might intrest you based on the information you are looking for.

4.    Protects You From Illegal Torrent Files

Many of you have knowledege of what torrent is, but for those that don't know, torrent is just like a peer-to-peer file shaing platform, where users give and recieve just about anything (files) freely.

However, due to the large and increasing number of users, it is quite difficult to know which of those file being shared are legal and illegal. It is difficult to know which of those files violates the terms and policy of the original authors.

So to avoid ending up on a watchlist, a VPN can hide your identity though you aren't doing anything illegal now. Sharing or downloading an illegal torrent file could land you on a watch list or even in a prison.

5.    It Helps You Buy Stuffs in Cheaper Amount

You might find it difficult to believe, but the prices of several itmes like app, software, etc., do vary from one country to another. So if you are in a country where the price of that app or game you love so much, you can use a VPN to access the same app or software and buy it at a cheaper amount, instead of figuring out exchange rates

There are many other good reasons why you should use a VPN or start using one today, and we will updating the list as time goes on. But in the meantime, which VPN service are you using? How's you experience so far?

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  1. Pls Techvilliz none of this vpn's has 80% online anonymity all are just 40% which is not too good for me or do you know any with 80%..?

    1. My VPN gives me up to 70% anonymity, and that's good. It all depends on the one you are using. IP Vanish seems to be good

  2. Replies
    1. VPN works best with wireless network connection, secondly you need to buy the premium plan so as to have a good percentage of anonymity


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