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Cheapest Data For iPhone, Android and PC in The Month of July

Every month at, we make it our obligation to analyze, compare and contrast the several data subscription bundle that was made available by the local ISP in the country. This normally comes between the 1 and 5 of every month, but we wish to apologize for bringing the cheapest data review in the month of July late to your notice. So without taking further time, let us get into it.


Last week, Etisalat NG introduced a time-based data plan called BlazeON and it can be used to make unlimited downloads but within a limited time frame. Etisalat BlazeON is powered by Comptel’s FWD solution and goes as low as ₦50 for 10mins. Below are the available Etisalat BlazeON data plans and how to use it.
Cheapest Data For iPhone, Android and PC in The Month of July
10min - ₦50
15min - ₦70
30min - ₦120
1hour - ₦200

To get any of the data plans above, simply download the Etisalat BlazeON app from Google Play Store, then download the configuration file from

This plan is suitable for people who have heavy files to download, and not just for chatting and texting. Once any of these plans are activated, you automatically become eligible for unlimited browsing and download with the time frame of the amount you paid for.

Still, on Etisalat, you can get 500mb for 500 and 1gb for 700, both valid for 30 days. And if you have any Etisalat line that hasn't been used between the last 30 - 180 days, simply follow the guide here to get your own 750mb + 1000 airtime.


The Smartphone's Network first introduced a time based unlimited browsing and download plan, but they later stopped it. Thanks to Etisalat, you can enjoy the same value and quality with any device(s). Airtel, on the other hand, didn't stop as they continue to give you the best data and call with Airtel SmartTrybe. Any Airtel user on the Trybe tariff plan will be enjoying 11k/sec for calls to any network in the country. Other wonderful packages and benefit you will enjoy with Airtel Trybe are:

==>> Trybe Special Data: Gives you 1GB of data for 500 that will be valid for one week (7 days).

==>> Trybe Night Browsing:  Which gives you 500MB data for 25 and can be used between 12:00am – 5:00am.
1.5GB for 200 that can be used between 12:00am-5am 

==>> Trybe Weekend:  Customers on Airtel  SmartTryBe on every weekend, enjoy 250 MB with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers for just 200. 

If you love this and find it interesting, dial *312# to join Airtel SmartTrybe.

Still, on Airtel, you can also enjoy double of any data you do purchase. For instance, you can buy 6gb data @ ₦1500 instead of 3gb.
400mb for 200.
1.5GB for 500.
3GB for 1000.
7GB for 2000. 


So far, nothing has changed with MTN. You can get 1.5gb for 1,000 and 3.5gb for 2,000. However, some customers are randomly selected and are given 20 to 50% bonus of any data they purchased and it is valid for 30days.

Alternatively, you can purchase MTN data from a third-party reseller at a cheaper rate of ₦800 for 1gb and ₦1300 for 2gb, both valid for 3months.


Just like MTN, there is nothing much left to say fro Glo NG. If you are in a location where 4glte is available, simply get a 4GLTE SIM Card. 
You can also follow the guide here for Glo free browsing using JetRide VPN for Android users, of BetagGol Tweakware VPN for PC users.

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