Sunday, June 11, 2017

This App is a Virus, Uninstall it Right Now!!!

Android users have always been advised to resist from installing apps from unknown and untrusted parties and developers, to avoid being hacked and infected with Virus. But it seems that these cybercriminals have become so smart to disguise their malicious codes in several ways that look very tempting. Thereby luring unwitting users to click on their malicious link and download virus to their devices in the name of games and apps.
Colourblock game game is a trojan
Android being the widely used OS in mobile phones has its perks as well as its cons. The fact that Android is Open Source, makes both good and bad programmers to easily inculcate their codes into the Android operating system. And once a user downloads and installs that app to their phone, the codes are automatically executed and used gets stuck with a virus infected smartphone.

To minimize the rate of these virus spreads, security research firms do well to inform the public about the latest threats we internet users a faced. Just recently, a Security researcher from Kaspersky Lab had just pointed out a game on Google Play Store that's actually a trojan. The nasty trojan has the potential to root and take control over your device upon installation.
Colourblock Android game
It was revealed that Colourblock contains a trojan called “Dvmap”. Once the Trojan enters your device, it roots your phone and installs malicious apps from the web.

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