Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Make Your Blog Logo Display on Facebook Anytime

Showing your blog logo on Facebook anytime you share your link to Facebook, or type your blog link to Facebook really gives a great feeling. It promotes professionalism and tells the world that yes, this person or group of persons knows what they are doing. That they are in for a professional business. However, not a blogs display their site logo whenever they type their blog logo on Facebook, and it doesn't give an appealing feeling to the blog owner or owners. So, toady, I am going to show you how to make your blog display on Facebook each time you share your link.
Getting this done is not a difficult task. All you have to do is to make sure you follow these guidelines below. You also need to have little knowledge about working with graphics designing program software like Corel Draw or Photoshop. When you are all set, follow these steps below

1.    Make sure your image is in a square shape, use Corel draw or photoshop to make your image to be 250 by 250 in height and width.

2.    Upload the image to any cloud service of your choice and get the direct link to the image.

3.    Now open your blog HTML editor and look for the opening head tag and place this code below it.
<meta content='YOUR IMAGE URL HERE' property='og:image'/>

4.    Now once you've added that tag your HTML, replace YOUR IMAGE URL HERE with the link to the image you uploaded and copied earlier. 

5.    Save your blog template, then Go to Facebook Developers Debug page

6.    Type in your blog URL and press enter. It will scan your blog and then it will bring out the image you selected as your default blog logo on Facebook.

To make sure that it has been fixed, start up a conversation with anyone on Facebook, then type your blog URL.

An alternative method is to open the comments section of any post or picture on Facebook, then type your blog link.

With this, you won't have to be seeing different image thumbnails from your blog posts showing as your blog logo on Facebook. And that is how to fix your blog OG:image and make you make your blog logo to be correctly appearing on Facebook anytime you write your blog link.

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  1. I have go through it and work for me but the file hosting am using is not good. Please can you recommend another file hosting to do this.. Thanks Techvillz

    1. Use Blogger....

      Login to your blogger dashboard,

      go to pages

      Create a new page and name it Host Files Page,

      Then upload that image there in the host file page. Use HTML to make the image sixes to be 250 by 250

      Then publish the page but make it visible to yourself alone and not to your blog readers

      then view that page and click on that image to view it as well as its download link.

      Copy out the download link of the image and then follow the guidelines stated about.

      Let me know when you get it right


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