Be Informed And Earn: Five Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Runs Down Fast

Monday, July 24, 2017

Five Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Runs Down Fast

I think it with the fact that Apple Inc. has sold over 1billion iPhones since last ten years, and with Google having over 1billion Android users. And without forgetting the fact that Blackberry had already existed before they went on a little vacation, I believe it is safe to say that 60-70% of the world's mobile phone are all smartphones. And in every smartphone, having a long battery life has always been an issue and also an important factor to be considered before purchasing a smartphone. And if you are a smartphone user with fast battery draining issues, you are probably wondering why your Android or smartphone battery drains quicker, so here are the top five reasons why that happens.
1.    High Screen Brightness level:    The screen of a smartphone is the part of the phone that drains the most battery out of every smartphone. You are directly and unknowingly killing your phone's battery if you set its display brightness to high or highest. It is always recommended to set your phone's always brightness set to Automatic, that way it can on its own, automatically adjust the phone's brightness level according to the available light. The intensity will increase when you're outside/under the sun, and then reduces back to normal when you are inside.

2.    Constant Use of Wireless Connections:    Regular use of wireless connectivity features of your smartphone like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data Connection, pretty much every wireless connection in your device can drain the battery really really fast. These connections can make your phone heat up, and once it gets heated, it drains more power out of your battery life. So you should always endeavor to turn off your wireless connections and put your device in flight mode when you are in a place of low or no network reception.

3.    Use of Battery Management Apps:    I hate to break it to you dear, but batter managers are one of the most drainers and eaters of battery life. These applications are available on GooglePlay Store, they claim to manage your battery life and increase overall phone performance. But the truth is that they actually drain your phone's battery life because they are constantly running in the background. These apps don't do your phone any good, they even drain the battery faster, so the best thing to do is to uninstall them from your phone and leave your phone as it is.

4.    Outdated Operating System:    Next month being July will clock 1 year Google officially announced Android 7.0 Nougat. And before that there has been several other versions of Android which according to history, are named after some food recipes and desserts in an alphabetical order. I understand that some smartphone users are still using older versions of an operating system on their phones, and would probably feel less compelled to upgrade to a higher one now that WhatsApp has extented support to older phones from now to 2020. 

But it is imperative to note that using an older version of software in your phone can/also casues your battery life to drain up fast. Every new OS released by any smartphone manufacturer bring new fixes to our smartphone. Sometimes, updates bring bug fixes that can resolve the battery drain issue and several other hardware/software issues. So always make sure your apps and software stay updated

5.    Background Apps:    Besides your smartphone's screen which on our list is one of the major part of the phone that drains up battery fast, apps running in the background are also another reason why your phone battery gets low ver quick. This is because these apps are in constant opration once your phone is on, whether you are using your phone or your phone is idle, these apps are up and running. For Android users, most of its core apps and processes are running in the background so as to keep the phone up and running in good condition. So the best thing to do is always to check your background processes and manually kill/stop any app(s) that are running in background that you don't need. This could range from chatapps, social media apps, news apps, picture effects and multimedia apps, etc.

There are several other reasons why your smartphone batteries drains up so fast, but these are the main reasons. Apply these instructions and see how your smartphone battery quick draining issue will be a thing of the past. You can also check out these article on the 4 Most Battery Draining Apps In Android Smartphones 

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