Saturday, June 17, 2017

Customize Your Phone Case and Stand a Chance of Wining iPhone 7

Getting that dream phone of yours gives a great feeling, but giving it a breath-taking case cover surely makes your smartphone to always stand out. But sometimes different people with several needs and desires get stuck while choosing that perfect or beautiful case for their smartphones. But with #MyCaseMyStyle, you get to have that desired gorgeous looking phone case for your smartphone and also stand a chance of being rewarded with a free iPhone 7. 
#MyCaseMyStyle customization
What if I told you that you that you could be a pround winner of Apple's latest flaship just by picking and ordering a phone case or customizing one yourself. That might sound too good to be true but that is what CaseStation, a global market leader in the personalization and customization of consumer electronics products. They are all about enabling the consumer to go online anytime, anywhere and create a protective case in their own all about. is offering you the opportunity to show off to your friends with a brand new iPhone 7 and all you gotta do is to order a customized, protective phone case by following these guidelines below.

✔    Log on to and order a customized phone case

✔    After your order has been cleared, wait for your case to be delivered

✔    Take a mirror selfie of yourself with your phone sporting the new, customized case

✔    Upload selfie to social media with the hashtag #MyCaseMyStyle and mention @casestationng

✔    Get your family and friends to like and share/retweet your picture as many times as possible

✔    The picture with the most engagements (likes, shares/retweets) on social media wins

How to Creat Your Own PhoneCase Using CaseStation

==>>    Go to

==>>    Select your device maker or type

==>>    Choose your device model

==>>    Upload pictures from your device or social media page

==>>    Make payment and your customized case will be shipped to you

“Alternatively, you could contact Casestation via social media and a tech personnel will help you through the customization process”.

Casestation also mapped out strict guidelines for everyone who wishes to contest in winning this free Apple latest flagship wish is the iPhone 7, and they are as follows:

i.    Each contestant can use either Facebook or Twitter (whichever one he/she likes). 1 retweet = 1 share. So for example, 100 retweets on Twitter = 100 shares on Facebook. If you happen to post on both social platforms, the one with the highest number engagement(s) will be used.

ii.    All entries which do not include the hashtag #MyCaseMyStyle and also does not mention @casestationng will be automatically disqualified.

iii.    Results will be collated at exactly midnight of July 31, 2017. 

iv.    Any engagements which occur after that time will not be counted. So the earlier you post, the earlier you can start racking up those shares/retweets and the better your chances.

v. Your selfie must include the casestation case you ordered.

Competition closes midnight July 31st, 2017, so what are you waiting for? Go, start customizing and start wining!!! 

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