Be Informed And Earn: 9 Tips/Tricks For Getting Started With Samsung Digital Assistance, Bixby

Thursday, June 29, 2017

9 Tips/Tricks For Getting Started With Samsung Digital Assistance, Bixby

Samsung Bixby which is a digital assistant unveiled by Samsung two months ago, when the South Korean tech giant and a multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Samsung Town officially launched its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ which runs on Android 7.0 Nougat.  It comes in three flavors which are Bixby Home, Bixby Vision, and Bixby Voice, and in this article, you are going to learn hoe to get started with Samsung Bixby Voice which is similar to Apple's Siri and Google Assistant.
tips and tricks for getting started with Bixby Voice

Samsung started rolling out Bixby Voice to users last week and was only made available to users who signed up for its early access beta. It is advised to remember that this is a beta software and could change ahead of launch. So here are nine tips to help you get you started with Bixby Voice.

1.    Use Bixby to Toggle your Device Settings:    Samsung Bixby just like Apple Siri or Google Assistant can also control some of the settings on your smartphone.

You can either use Google Assistant or Bixby to turn the flashlight on your phone on or off. But Google Assistant can't toggle Power saving, and Bixby can. The same goes for the Performance mode, Blue light filter, Always On Display, Smart View, Do not disturb and practically every other setting on the phone. This is one area where Bixby has a clear advantage over Google's voice assistant.

2.    Use Bixby to Create Shortcut Commands:    Shortcut commands can also be called quick commands and Bixby can be used to create them. For example, you could just say, “Increase font size.” instead of “Opening your phone Settings and increasing the font size.”

To use a quick command, you will have to create it first by going to Bixby Voice >>> History and select a previous command or go to Bixby Home >>> My Bixby >>> Quick Commands and tap Add. Then you have to speak the shortened command instead of typing it. 

3.    Enable Dictation While Typing:    If you are making use of Samsung's default keyboard to type in any app, just can touch and hold the Bixby button to dictate. But you will have to turn on dictation first by going to Bixby Home >>> Settings and switch the toggle button to the right of Dictation on the keyboard.

Then to make use of dictation, just tap in a text field as if you would wanna type a text, press and hold the Bixby button and speak. The words you speak will be transcribed as you speak them. This is kinda like the OK Google Commands.

4.    You Don't Have to Press Bixby Button All the Time:    Samsung added a dedicated Bixby button to 2 of their latest flagships. But I am betting you do not wish to be pressing this Bixby button anytime you wish to use the digital assistant. Well, luckily Samsung had that in mind when making it so they added a cool way around it.

All you have to be doing is to say Bixby as long as you have enabled wake up voice command, and then the Bixby will come alive. But will have to unlock your phone first if it is locked, else the wake-up voice command won't work.

Another alternative way to open Bixby without pressing the dedicated button is by opening Bixby Home by swiping right on your home screen, then tap the Bixby Voice icon that is located at the top of the screen (to the left of the Bixby Vision and Reminders icons). Then touch the Bixby Voice icon at the bottom of the screen to speak a command.

5.    Bixby Can Search for You When You Don't Have the Strenght:    In any case, you don't want to use the voice commands or type in the commands by yourself, Bixby can do that for you. You only have to open Bixby Voice in full-screen mode, then tap on Search Commands. You can as well press and hold the Bixby Voice icon that will be located at the bottom of your search screen and drag it over the keyboard icon that appears.

6.    Drag to Move / Cancel:   When you press and hold on the Bixby button, the Voice overlay will appear at the bottom of your screen. If that's in the way, just drag the icon up or down to reposition it. If you speak a command to Bixby and it requires additional information, however, you can cancel the request at any time by pressing and holding the Bixby Voice icon and dragging it to a nearby X logo. (You can also just press the back button.)

7.    Change The Screen Background Colour:    Ombré purplish-brown is Bixby's default background colour, but you can still change it. All you have to do is go to Bixby Home >>> Settings >>> Background colour. For now, you will be able to change the default colour to bluish-purple.

However, 3 more colours are available but are locked and can only be unlocked and become available for use when you can more Bixby XP. To level up and gain more XP, use Bixby to make calls, sent texts and interact with it. Another alternative way to gain XP is by giving feedback, suggesting phrases or responses.

8.    Some of the Suggested Commands Do not Work Yet:    Samsung makes available, a full list of Bixby commands both on the full-screen mode of Bixby and on its user guides. It is filled with over 3,000 things Bixby can do just by giving it commands.

However, some of these commands don't work yet. For instance, Don't lock the screen for 30 minutes failed because the maximum screen timeout on the Galaxy S8 is maxed at 10 minutes.

Open Gallery and show me an animation of the five most recent pictures from the Birthday album. (In this case, you must infer you already need to have an album called Birthday, otherwise, Bixby will just open the Gallery app.

9.    Samsung Bixby Works With Some Third-Party Apps:    Despite the fact that it didn't perform some of the commands Samsung claims Bixby can perform, it still supports several third-party apps and works flawlessly with them. And they include:

✔   Facebook

✔   Facebook Messenger

✔   Google Play Music

✔   Google Maps

✔   Instagram

✔   Twitter

✔   Tumblr

✔   Uber

✔   WhatsApp

✔   YouTube

Above is the list of non-Samsung app that works fine with Bixby, to open any of them, simply say Open {name of the app}”. For instance, to open your Instagram using Bixby, just say “Open Instagramand your Instagram app will open. Remember you will have to get your voice command enable first. 

You can also do more than just opening the apps with using Bixby, you do stuff like share photos, view notifications, etc. Say you want to share photos on Facebook, you can just say Open Facebook and share the three most recent photos, or, Open Facebook and show me my notifications.

Bixby works flawlessly with most of Samsung's own-brand apps, such as Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, and Samsung Music.

Lastly, it is imperative to remember that Bixby is still in its beta stage and not yet a finished product and, as with most digital assistants. You can have a few hiccups or one or two commands won't work. Just share your views and opinions with the bug reports to Samsung. It will get better over time and as you use it more, and if you don't own the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ but would love to try out Bixby digital assistant, simply follow this guide here on How To Install Samsung Bixby

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