Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3 Simple Things That Can Help You Avoid Virus on Android

Of all the mobile OS around the world, Android is the most vulnerable one, this is because it is open source, meaning that anyone can take it and customize it however he or she sees fit, provided the person knows what he/she is doing. This great feature of Android gave it a great advantage over other mobile OS, but it also gave it a huge flaw in terms of security. And with the recent global malware attack, and lots of other malware experiences all around the world, I believe now would be a great time to remind ourselves to take necessary cautions so as to protect our devices. 

No matter how bad the situation is, there are still a few things that you yourself can do in order to help protect yourself. In case you don't know these things, I will teach you about them now, and if you've forgotten then, I will remind you about them.

Here Are 3 Simple Things That Can Help You Avoid Virus on Android

1.    Always download and install trusted apps from Google PlayStore. Don't just open some random link and download random apps because they promised you one free stuff or the other. Some of these apps are filled with malicious codes that can either steal your financial and personal details, or they will take over your phone and start downloading random apps, displaying random adverts, suck up your mobile data and turn your smartphone upside down.

So to be on the safe side, always download apps from trusted parties and developers. Always read reviews and comments from other users before downloading.

2.    Always Apply updates whenever they are made available:   The truth is that most smartphone users have little or no regard for updates, little did they know that updates come with several fixes and solutions that were reported by users at a previous time.

These updates do not only adds new and exciting features, they also come with security fixes and patches. 

3.    Lastly, don't just assume that every link you see on WhatsApp, FaceBook etc are all safe to click on and visit. Hackers now have a new way of making you do exactly what they want and still make you think you're in control. Several malicious links are being passed on WhatsApp on FaceBook on daily basis. Some even embed malicious codes in Picture they post on FaceBook so that once you click on the image or download it, they will instant have access to your device and control it from wherever they are.

In conclusion, you are solely responsible for your digital and non-digital safety. Though you might not be a computer guru to know a lot about internet security, you still have a little to do by practicing these 3 safety practices. Keeping your Android device safe from malware isn't a sure thing, but by doing these three things, you're ahead of the game. Use your device wisely to keep your data safe. Good morning

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