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25 iPhone Stories and Secrets That Became Known After 10 Years

Apple's iOS is one of the world's most loved and widely used mobile OS. It powers all of the Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. iPhone's are said to be less prone to attacks and vulnerabilities due to the fact that everything about iPhone is managed by apple and apple alone. Unlike Google-owned Android that is open source which allows users and OEM's to tweak and make modifications as they see fit.
Apple secrets revealed
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Apple Inc will soon reach a decade they went on sale in the United States, there are fascinating stories to share about its development that was stayed secret for years. But now, a good number of those stories and secrets have been brought to light and they are worth sharing. So Here are the 25 biggest, best, and most entertaining (former) secrets about the iPhone.

1.    The first iPhone call was ignored and went to voice mail.

2.    Apple almost made an iPhone Mini.

3.     Apple built up to six (6) prototypes that never made it to production.

4.    Parts of iPhone designs came from Tom Cruise's movie.

5.    Even the prototypes that made it to production saw immense hurdles

6.   Apple founder Steve Jobs wanted a back button beside the home button

7.    Everything about iPhone and its production was all top, top, top, top, top secret.

8.    Apple hid the fact that they were woking on a phone from vendors.

9.    Steve Jobs just loved keeping stuff close.

10.    Apple designed a very special screwdriver for iPhone, which made it hard to take apart.

11.    All the secrecy at Apple Inc. led to at least one divorce.

12.    The development cost was staggering.

13.    Apple spent $1 million for the domain name

14.    Today, Apple is six times larger that it was 10 years ago.

15.    Apple has sold up to 1.2 billion iPhones in 10 years.

16.    Almost every Apple employee has received a free iPhone from the company

17.    An early user got a 300-page phone bill.

18.    There were no app(s) for a year.

19.    A team Apple engineers were so nervous during Jobs's unveiling that they drank Scotch and got drunk

20.    The first series of iPhone were so buggy that Steve Jobs had to go on stage with up to 10 iPhones to make the first presentation.

21.    Apple hard-coded the display to always show five bars of reception

22.    Steve Jobs had a revelation of the exit of some of his crew during his presentation.

23.    Apple hid the Wi-Fi for the launch.

24.    Prototypes of iPhone and several other Apple products crashed a lot.

25.    Upon all his success, Steve Jobs had to be seriously talked into almost everything to even trying it to begin with.

Steve Jobs, founder, and CEO of Apple was a lot like the regular man. It turns out he hated dealing with cell-phone companies and dreaded the idea of having to do a development deal with one of them. Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away six years ago (2011) following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs might be dead now, but his life and works kept on motivating people and his quotes serving as inspirations. 

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Apple had been talking about a phone since 2001 when the iPod first came out, but there were too many technical challenges. However, the big thing that eventually got Jobs excited was when laws changed and opened the wireless market.

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