Wednesday, June 28, 2017

13 Ways Your iPhone/iPad Will Improve After Installing The New Test Version of iOS

Most people feel very reluctant of doing an update of their apps or software whenever they are made available. Little do they know that updates add more value to your device and makes it runs more efficiently. WhatsApp, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and pretty much any developer that understands the needs of customers to derive maximum satisfaction from using your product makes an update of their apps and software. Because it is the only way, they use to address and fix issues that have been reported by users. 
The 13 biggest ways your iPhone will change after you install the new test version of iOS (AAPL)

Apple Inc. who are celebrating their 10years anniversary has issued out a beta update of their next iOS for users to download and forward them any complaints and bugs they experience. Abd if you're wondering why you as an Apple user should download and use this update, here are 13 solid benefits you will get, as well as the reason why you should upgrade your iPhone to the new test version of iOS. To get started, register at Apple Beta Program, then follow this guide here. Then and only then you can enjoy these benefits which are as follows.

1.    You get to enjoy a redesigned Control Center that lets you swipe up and find the most often used settings, and now it's customizable.

2.    Now screenshots go into the lower corner, and you can mark them up before sharing them. And you can now make screenshots while recording video.

3.    You can ask Siri a translate any word or phrase for you and now, Siri voice has changed and is more realistic.

4.    Several new photo filters were added

5.    Notifications is now the same as lock screens

6.    A redesigned AppStore.

7.    The new iOS 11 comes pre-installed with Files. It is Apple's file system on the iPhone and iPad.

8.    Spice up your day with Apple music which is now more of a social network, with user profiles and the ability to share and collaborate on playlists. You can also follow your friends on the network.

9.    Driving / Do not Disturb mode prevents you from getting notifications of any kind. This will stop you from looking at your phone for any reason while driving. So Apple wants your hands n the wheel and eyes on the road. Your safety first, before your iPhone.

10.    A new storage optimization feature that can be found in Settings >>> General >>> iPhone Storage, lets you to quickly clear your storage.

11.    With iOS 11, you can quickly share your Wi-Fi password with your friends or your contacts. To use this feature, you only need to hold your Apple device near someone who needs to connect to your network, and it will instantly transfer your Wi-Fi password to him or her

12.    A one-handed keyboard is now built into the iPhone. You can enable it by holding down on the smiley icon that usually opens the emoji keyboard.

13.    The coolest part is that you can now ask Siri to translate words or sentences to and from different languages like Chinese, Spanish, French, German, or Italian, too.

It is ok if you notice or experience a little bit of bumbs and hiccups while using the iOS 11 beta, no need to panic or worry. just send the crash or bug to report to Apple. This will enable them fix every bit of issue and make the new iOS 11 better and fastr when it will be finnaly released officially.

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