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Windows 10, Windows 10 S? What is The Difference

Several days ago, (early this month), the Redmond, Washington tech giants, Microsoft launched a new operating system which was called Windows 10 S. The launch and unveiling came shortly after the company advised users to stop installing Creator's Update, so as to enable them to address some known and reported bugs (problems) that have been reported by users. Windows 10 S is Microsoft's latest Operating System which is meant for schools and students and it requires lesser hardware configuration. 

The new Operating System according to Microsoft is closer to Windows 10 Pro as both of them are based on the same core. Though the two Operating Systems look alike in many ways, Microsoft have Windows 10 S, stripped off some features which were are seen Windows 10 Pro, thereby making the new Windows 10 S be faster and lighter in weight.

Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft went further to explain. In biology terms, you could say they both share the same gene, but Windows 10 S is dissimilar in many ways and that is what we are going to look into, starting off with the basics.

How Is Windows 10 S different from Windows 10?
==>>    Apps Restriction:
With Windows 10 S, you can only install and run apps that are presently found in the Microsoft Windows Store. If a user tries to install non-Windows-store apps, Windows 10 S would suggest its alternative(s) from the app store. 

==>>    Increased Battery Life and Speed
Because Windows 10 S was made for schools and college students, it doesn't have several features which are found in a traditional Windows 10 PC. The removal of this features in return made the new OS to faster and light-weighted. 

It also uses less battery for operations due to the decreased features. It has to be so in order to be student’s companion who would require a computer at any time of the day. Microsoft claims that machines which are powered by Windows 10 S would last up to 10 hours, can boot completely to desktop in less than 15 seconds and uses lesser hardware to run.

==>>    Edge and Bing Are The Defaults, no Place For Chrome:
Microsoft Edge which was introduced in Windows 10 is the default web navigation software in Windows 10 S, while Bing, which is Microsoft's very own search engine will the default search engine. However, Microsoft will be providing regional alternatives at places where Bing is not available. 
How-Is-Windows-10 S-different-from-Windows-10

I know that right now you might be thinking you can find a way around this one, that you can easily get Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser, and that's really smart of you. But need I remind you that there is a restriction of installing desktop apps which not found in Windows-store apps and unfortunately neither Chrome nor Firefox made the list.

How is “Windows 10 S” Similar to Windows 10?
Rember that Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 S are made of the same core. They two must have several things in common besides the fact that they came from the same company. So while talking about the differences and all the restrictions, we should also look at its similarities with the current Windows 10 Pro, and they are as follows.

==>>    Windows 10 S supports Azure AD domain, Windows Update for Business, Windows Store for Business, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Bitlocker, etc.

==>>    Will support installation and use of all or most of the major drivers and peripherals. However, the lack of desktop apps may arise to users facing problems while installing additional drivers.

These are the two main similarities of Windows 10 S to Windows 10, as well as what Windows 10 S is all about, what to expect and how it is different from the current Windows 10 Pro.

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