Be Informed And Earn: iPhone Users Can Now Use More Than 1 Sim Card With their iPhones Using This Simple Method.

Friday, May 12, 2017

iPhone Users Can Now Use More Than 1 Sim Card With their iPhones Using This Simple Method.

A few decades ago when cell phones were not rampant, when only thick and stinking rich people owned and use a cell phone, while the rest of the community watch them like a cinema while they use their phone to make calls, people who owned more than 1 phones back then were either seen as illegal dealers or ritualists at worst. It was perceived that the person must be into something illegal or secret like having an affair or anything else that is similar. But now in our modern society, having more than one cell phone is the order of the day.

It will be safe to say that above 50% of all the mobile phones users are either using dual sim phones, or they own more than 1 phone. When the idea of dual sim slots came into play, many people, as well as mobile phone manufacturing companies, had it at the back of their head that dual sim phones are inferior products. Little did they know that it will take a small amount of time before the technology will be perfected. Now, most smartphones support dual sims, even Samsung and Nokia has joined the race.

However, it quite unfortunate that iPhones are still left out with options for dual sim support. So for someone who isn't a fan of Android, he/she will be forced to purchase more than one iPhone so as to have all their contacts available and also within reach. Fortunately, there is a method on how you can use more than one number with your iPhone. All you have to do is to read up and follow the guidelines listed below.

You can use 2 sim cards with one iPhone, the same way you can use more than one account on an Android phone. But you will require an extra special hardware called NeeCoo Magic Card which is a 4.0 Bluetooth dual-SIM card adapter compatible with iPhones. It syncs a second Micro SIM card to your iPhone at ease. You can easily make phone calls, send text messages and take photos from the second Micro SIM. It can stay connected to your iPhone Bluetooth up to 10 meters away.

NeeCoo Bluetooth V4.0 Dual SIM Card Adapter is available at Gearbest at a flash retail price of $20. Not only that this dual sim adapter is cheap, it can also be used at all times without any stress or hassle. It can be there in your hands, pocket, bag or table, doing its work without even being noticed.

Below are the Main Features of NeeCoo Bluetooth

- Ultra-thin and lightweight design, convenient to store in your wallet
- Built-in 4.2V 450mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery
- Input: 5V 0.5A
- Bluetooth effective distance: 10m


- SIM card: Nano SIM
- Frequency: GSM, GSM 850MHz / EGSM 900MHz / DCS 1800MHz / PCS 1900MHz
- Bluetooth distance: 10m, 360 degree
- Transmitting power: 850 / 900MHz, 32.5dB; 1800 / 1900MHz, 29.5dB
- Battery: 450mAh
- Holding time: about 4 hours
- Standby time: about 72 hours
- Working current: 100mA

- Standby current: 12mA

Once you purchase NeeCoo Bluetooth V4.0 Dual SIM Card Adapter, go to your Appstore and download "morecard" then install it on your device.Below is a 2 minutes video review by Ggearbest on how NeeCoo Bluetooth adapter works
If you encounter any problem while setting it up, don't hesitate to let us know via comments and you will be assisted.

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