Be Informed And Earn: Here are 9 Really Cool Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could do

Monday, May 15, 2017

Here are 9 Really Cool Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could do

Apple's iOS which powers iPhones, iPads etc, is one of the most widely loved and used mobile OS in the world. Many smartphone users would choose iPhone over Android for some reasons which include vulnerability issues etc. However, that doesn't mean that iPhone is superior over Android, they are both good and unique in their own ways. Iphone on the other hand, still lack the dual sim feature which Android users are enjoying. But which the help of an external hardware, iPhone users can enjoy dual sim functionalities with their iPhones.

Besides the ability to use dual sims with your iPhone, there are other really cool things which your iPhone can do. Unfortunately, these things a known to few, but I will be sharing them with all iPhone users. Fell free to explore and try out each and every one of them, it is perfectly safe. Here are the 10 things you didn't know your iPhone could do

1.    Use Siri to Read & Reply Messages:    Yes apple's virtual assistant, Siri can do a whole lot of things. For instance, if you are the type that tends to easily forget things like returning a phone call, or replying a text message or e-mail, you can easily let Siri remind you by saying “remind you to read this text later” upon receipt.

2.    Easily Find and Filter Your Photos:    iOS 9 users can quickly have Siri bring up their photos and filter either by date or by location. You can just say: show me photos from (time) taken in (Location), And then what the magic happens. Then replace the time and location in accordance with the time and location you wish to see the photos from. For instance, you can say: Show me photos from 216 taken in New York.

3.    See Everywhere You’ve Been:    Don't feel uncomfortable by the sound of that, but your iPhone can actually keep an eye on you by using its global positioning system, GPS.  To enable or disable this feature, open Settings, navigate to Privacy ==>> Location Services ==>> System Services then scroll to the bottom and deselect/select ==>> Frequent locations.

4.    Save Your iPhone's Battery:    You are not close to a power outlet and you're expecting an important call or text, and you might be worried that your battery juice will go off anytime. Just activate your iPhone's basic features by going to Settings ==>> General ==>> Accessibility and click “Grayscale”. Enabling this will instantly increase your iPhone's battery and buying you more time. And if you finally do get an outlet that you will use and charge your phone, follow this simple guide to make your iPhone charge faster.

5.    Have Siri do The Reading for You:    Back from work, a long trip or flight? or you just exhausted or feeling silly and lazy at the moment while you have a texts, articles, books that are waiting to be read? That's alright, you have Siri do the reading for you while you sit back and listen. Just open your Iphone's Settings, navigate to General ==>>  Accessibility ==>>  Speech and then turn on speak screen and speak selection.

6.    Search For Anything Straight From The Settings Menu:    I could remember when most folks would spend a good amount of time trying to enable or disable one feature or the other in their phones. And sometimes at the end of the day wouldn't get it done, they would have someone do it for them and sometimes they will pay. Fortunately, gone are the days of digging entirely through the iPhone’s Settings menu just to find something. You can easily search for it now by using the search bar that is located at the top and then jump straight to it.

7.    Access Emergency medical From The Lock Screen:    This is one of the earliest features of mobile phones. Emergency numbers like 112, 911, 999, 101 etc are made accessible even when the phone is locked. With your iPhone, you can set up a Medical ID in the Health app and you can access medical info in a time of emergency straight from your lockscreen without having to unlock your phone. Just tap Emergency and you’ll see the Medical ID button.

8.    Use Your Earphones to Launch Music:    I first experienced this with an Andriod phone, When Android was still based on Jellybeans and KitKats and it requires rooting your phone. Obtaining proper root access, installing Xposed and finally installing a module. With your iPhone, you can launch your music apps and listen to your songs straight from your headphones. There is no specail setting or trick behind it, just a regular routine. If you listen to music at the same time every day, your phone will automatically launch the music app as soon as you plug your earphones in.

9.    Use Two Sim Cards With Your iPhone:    This is the part that gets most folks talking, iPhone as of now does not support dual sim slots. But with a little help, you can safely and freely use 2 sim cards with 1 iPhone. You can read all about it here.

These are 9 really cool things your iPhone can do which most folks have no knowledge about. How many of these were you aware of?

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