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How to Save Photos, Videos, and Stories from Instagram to Your iPhone

Instagram is one of the top social media networks in the world today. It allows users to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones, share pictures, and videos, share stories, and live videos, send direct messages to one another and do so much more. Unfortunately, unlike facebook and Whatsapp, Instagram does not allow users to copy or download videos and pictures. But with a few tricks, you can download any video or picture you want from Instagram. This trick has been long enjoyed by Android users, while the iPhone users have been left out. 
How to Save Photos, Videos, and Stories from Instagram to Your iPhone?

So if you own iPhone, this is how you can download any video or picture straight from your Instagram account without much stress. The best part is that you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone so as to enjoy this. All you need is the iPhone version of Instagram++,  a modified version of Instagram that adds a bunch of new features to the app. It was first built for jailbroken iPhones, but now it is for every iPhone user out there. Some of the features of Instagram++ include:

==>>    Ability to save photos, videos, and stories to your Camera Roll.

==>>    View the full size of profile photos.

==>>    Switch your timeline between grid view and normal view.

==>>    Hide comments in your timeline.

==>>    Easily Re-gram photos and videos.

==>>    Copy or share captions.

==>>    View the exact timestamp of a post etc.

In this guide, you will be learning how to install Instagram++ on your iPhone and easily save photos, videos and stories your smartphones and view them offline via Camera Roll. All you gotta do is to follow these simple steps.

Remove the already installed Instagram app from your iPhone, or proceed to the next step if you have not installed it.

Download these 2 files to your PC
i.   Instagram++
ii.    Cydia Impactor

✔    Establish a connection between your iPhone and your PC using a USB cable, then launch Cydia Impactor. 
How to Save Photos, Videos, and Stories from Instagram to Your iPhone?
✔    Drag the Instagram++ IPA file you downloaded earlier and drop it into Cydia Impactor.

✔    Type in your Apple ID and password.
How to Save Photos, Videos, and Stories from Instagram to Your iPhone?
✔    Once you’ve successfully entered your Apple ID login details, Cydia Impactor will automatically begin installing Instagram++ to your device. 

✔    Once the installation is completed, you should see Instagram app icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.

✔    Now, you've successfully installed Instagram++ to your iPhone, head over to Settings =>> General =>> Profiles (or ‘Device Management’), then open the profile labeled with your Apple ID. Tap on the Trust button before launching the app you just installed.

That's the first part, which is all about How to install Instagram++ on iPhone. The next part is how to use the Instagramm++ and save media files from Instagram and have them saved in your phone. All you gotta do is to follow these simple guides below.

1.    Open the Instagram++ app that you downloaded and installed.

2.   Browse through photos and videos and then open a photo or video that you’d like to save to your iPhone.

3. Tap on the download button below the post, then select the resolution which you'd like to save the file with and that all about it

The downside is that the app’s (instagram++) certificate will expire after 7 days, after which you have to follow the above steps to re-install it. For one year certificate, you'd have to use an Apple Developer account.

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