Be Informed And Earn: New Glo Data Subscription And How it Actually Works

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Glo Data Subscription And How it Actually Works

Last weekend, grand masters of data which is GLO NG decided to take everyone by surprise and removing 50% off every data bundle allocation in their data plan. Many Nigerians didn't take it well as usual, as having a bad economy and increased price of market goods and services is already enough to deal with. Therefore having increased rate of data bundle isn't welcomed.
According to what I was able to gather, there is really nothing much that was changed in the Glo data bundles. The amount of data are still the same and unchanged, they were just given a little touch and then some new terms were placed on them, which anyone that wishes to still enjoy GLO NG's huge data must adhere to.

This is how Glo data works and here are the things you need to note
1.    All GLO NG data allocation still remains the same. You can still get 3.2gb for 1k, 7.5GB for 2k, 10Gb @ 2.5k, 12Gb for 3K and so on
cheapest glo ng data
2.    All data bought are all valid for 30days.

3.    You can roll-over any unused data to the next month, providing the subscription remains active.

4.    The code for buying either 3G or 4G data plans still remains *777#

5.    Assuming you bought 12GB data for 3K on the 10th of April and it is due for expiration on the 10th of May but you still have about 5GB worth of data left unused. You can go ahead and buy any lesser amount data bundle of your choice so as to extend the validity.
is glo data reduced?

6.    You will still enjoy 100% data allocation if you buy any smaller amount of data subscription upon an active data, provided you bought it before your active subscription expires.

7.    You will enjoy 100% data allocation if your data subscription auto renews.
glo data plan prices
8.    You are expected to renew your data subscription on or before 3days after it has expired, so as to roll-over any unused data.

9.    Failure to renew your subscription after 3 days it has expired will make your unused data to be wiped off.

10.    Once your unused data is wiped off, you will begin to buy any Glo bundle data subscription at the new price, and that is 1.6gb for 1k,  3.75gb for 2k. 5gb @ 2500, 6gb @ 3k and so on.

I sincerely hope that this will answer every question you have regarding the new GLO data plans as well as any changes that they might have done to it over the last weekend. In my own candid opinion, GLO NG is still the only ISP in the country that offers the cheapest browsing plans and bundle. The downside, however, is that its speed is so slow and annoying.

Also, note that in some cases, you might get half of the data even when you have met the new terms and conditions. When that happens, don't panic, just wait for like 10-30 mins, then dial *127*0# to check your data balance.

You will see that the data will be increased. but if not, just call glo CC with 121, then press 0 to speak with a CC agent. They will rectify the issue and your data will be topped instantly.

Do you think GLO merits the name, “the grand masters of data”? How is the network speed connection in your area? Tell us below via comments.

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  1. This is self explained. Thanks alot. Glo customer-care service agents won't even explain this thing to the extent you just did. Thanks alot

  2. Ow! This was really helpful to me, and it really renewed to my account the way you labelled it to us here. A big thanks to you Techvillz you are doing a great Job here.

  3. what of new glo subscribers? how much amount of data will they get?

  4. New glo subscribers get double data... eg 3.2gb for 1k

  5. If I have one month validity but exhausts my data within 2 weeks, would my remaining 2 weeks validity count?

  6. The validity period used to extend before now, but after the new terms and conditions they added to their data plans, the validity period doesn't add anymore.

    So what I normally do is to renew my sub a night before the expiration date


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