Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here is How to Setup and Use PayPal With Android Pay

Android pay which is Google's payment service is really good for a start, but the fact that it doesn't support many banks and credit unions is a flaw that can't be ignored.  Google, however, has done a lot of work to expand the reach of the services of Android Pay, but a lot of users still lack the option. But a big plus of Android pay now is that it now supports PayPal.
Here is How to Use PayPal With Android Pay, how to setup Android pay with Paypal
Las week, PayPal announced the integration of their services to Android Pay, and yesterday, it's operations was up to all Android Pay users. PayPal will show up in Android Pay as an option for any NFC terminal like a standard card and can also be set as a default payment option. When a user makes use of PayPal to make a payment, the money will either be debited from the user's PayPal account or from his/her linked bank account.

How to Set up PayPal With Android Pay

1.    The support is only seen in the latest version of Android Pay, so head over to PlayStore and download it.

2.    Sign in into your PayPal account

3.    Tap on the Settings icon located the top right corner of the PayPal app

4.    Tap on the Android Pay settings

5.    Link your account to Android Pay

6.    Set an In-Store PIN number

7.    Select your “top-up” amount and then your preferred location to draw fund from which will either be your bank account or PayPal wallet.

It's quite simple and easy to do, and once you've completed the setup, option for payment with PayPal should appear in your Android Pay app. Hopefully, Android pay will soon spread out support to many countries and banks as well. But in the meantime, let's enjoy this big one.

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