Be Informed And Earn: Google Fuchsia Will Eventually Replace Your Beloved Android

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Google Fuchsia Will Eventually Replace Your Beloved Android

Google is planning to merge Android and Chrome OS together to become 1. The outcome of this emergence will be dubbed Google Fuchsia. It is Google's next-gen operating system, which is publicly assumed to be replacing our loving Android in the future. Fuchsia isn’t based on Linux like the already existing Android and Chrome OS, it is rather based on Google’s very own microkernel called “Magenta. We already have a glimpse at what the interface will look like via a demo, courtesy of
Google Fuchsia, how Google Fuchsia looks

Google Fuchsia's user interface is called Armadillo, and it is vastly different from anything you've seen before. Though it is an OS, Kyle Bradshaw at Hotfix has used the files he pulled off Google Fuchsia's GitHub page and compiled into an app. When installed on any Android device, it'll show you a glimpse what Google Fuchsia will be and of course how it'll look like. (please be informed that the app is still unstable). 

If you know your way around codes and app making, instructions were also included on, for those who would want to compile the APK themselves using the publically available Fuchsia GitHub repository, which contains everything you need to build a working Armadillo app.

Google Fuchsia and how it works
However, the Mountain view tech giants have not made any real indication of what they plan to do with Fuchsia. Could it obviously be an operating system that the company is building from the ground up to replace Android and Chrome OS? Some third software platform that will live alongside Google’s existing mobile and desktop offerings? I am sure with time we will know, but in the meantime, head over to Mediafire and Download the Fuchsia/Armadillo APK

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