Saturday, May 20, 2017

Digital €ash Gives You 50% of Your Investments Within 2 to 14 days.

Welcome to DIGITAL €ASH ! A Platform created for financial immense benefits with a model designed to help eradicate hit and Run mentality. It was officially launched on the 4TH of MAY 2017 . Invite others as we work on our Massive Trafficking Model. Stay relaxed and always read the pinned message. 
How Digital Cash works
Register an account on DIGITAL-CASH.NET. You Provide Help of any amount suitable for your financial capacity ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦100,000 . Then you patiently wait to get automatically paired to make payment in five (5) days time to a RECIPIENT (Member) who has been qualified to Receive Donation (Get help). 

Once you've been paired to make payment, you are given a ultimatum of 12hours to make payment to the Recipient(s). You upload your proof of payment and once your payment has been confirmed by your RECIPIENT(s). You automatically become a RECIPIENT(Get Help) from another SPONSOR in 48hrs in which you get your SPONSOR sum plus the 50% profit , making a total of 7 days PH and GH. You make a Recommitment Pledge and before Getting help i.e You Provide another help to join the PH queue and Get help instantly. 
For instance, If you Provided Help of ₦100,000,You will be paired to make payment on the 5th day, after you qualify to receive help of ₦150,000 In the next 48hrs. 

Note : Please start counting your 48hrs after your payment is confirmed

Click on the link below using my Referral link to Register. 


📲 50 percent ROi 
📲 1 to 7 days of Ph and Gh. 
📲 Minimum of 10k and maximum of 100k 
Note: Not Packaged based. 

🔴 Matching is done 5 days after Ph, and GH is 48hrs time after confirmed donations. Please don't register if you can't comply with this Policy. Thanks

Join their telegram group @DIGITALCASH1 or @DIGITALCASH2, If you have any problem, send an email to support [email protected]

Remember: We are Digital Cash and The Cash is Digital. Get ready to experience some digital testimonies.

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