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Did Your iPhone Fell Into Water? Here is What To Do

Accidents happen all the time. It is not only when you get run over by a car or truck that you count that as an accident. An accident is, in fact, any unexpected happening that no one saw coming. It could be a good one, it could be bad, it could be really messed up one. The key point is that it is unexpected. So in the case of our beloved iPhone, there are several accidents that can happen to it. It could be a broken screen, or it got burned and melted, or it fell into the water and got drowned. So which ever or whatever the case might be, it is definitely an accident since no one saw it coming.
What to Do After Dropping Your iPhone in Water? iPhone dropped in water? how to fix iPhone doped in water
Which of these categories do you fall in? Is it a broken screen? I've got just the right article for you here on how to manage and make good use of your broken screen iPhone. You can either DIY (Do it Yourself) or visit any iPhone repair shop. If your iPhone got burned and melted like that of Bree, well I am sorry buddy, there's nothing much for you. Except your phone's warranty is still valid. You can have it changed or replaced. Then if your iPhone accidentally dropped into water, don't scream and yell and curse just yet. There's still hope for it. Your iPhone can still survive getting drowned if you follow these steps and pray fro luck on our side.

Unknowingly dropped your iPhone in a water body? it could be in a toilet, or the swimming pool, or bowl etc. It can be a very frustrating, I know. That awkward moment you see your iPhone drenched with water, it's ok to get pissed and panic. But getting mad and panicking, then rushing to dry it with anything that is within your reach isn't the best solution. As a matter of fact, it may actually cause more harm.

Here’s What to Do After Dropping Your iPhone in Water

It is obvious that several iPhones out there are neither water-proofed nor water resistant, but in most cases, you can still save your iPhone after it has been exposed to water, yes, that's true. But the most important thing to do is to take the necessary precautions to limit the damage and avoid causing extra harm. Anything you do will then onward, will ultimately decrease or increase your chances of getting your precious iPhone back. Here’s the process of dealing with an iPhone that has been dropped into water, but first, let's run you through the necessary precautions.

1.    Carefully unplug your iPhone from any power source immediately. Reason is that it can cause short circuits within the phone, and trust me, you do not want that to happen.

2.    Disconnect and remove any connected accessory like USB cables, headphones, Sim cards, SD cards, phone case, etc

3.    Get a dry towel and completely dry the external surface of the iPhone. Most people will at this point, get an electric dryer to do the external drying part. But for the love of your iPhone, I strongly advice you to resist the urge of using a dryer. Just dry your phone as much as possible using a dry towel.

3.    Now turn your iPhone upside down then gently shake it to get the liquid out of the ports and sockets.

4.    If the iPhone is still turned on by now, please power it off.

Now that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to limit the water damage to your iPhone, let's get to the second part, and that is to dry the internals.

It’s a popular concept to stuff a wet device into a bag full of rice for about 72 hours, so as to dry the internals. Now, this might sound funny, but it actually works and helps to absorb the moisture within the iPhone.

==>>    Get a plastic zipper-lock bag or anything else that can be filled with rice. Just make sure it can be air-locked

==>>    Now fill it with rice and dip the iPhone in it so that the iPhone's entire body is covered by rice.

==>>    Leave it there for about 72 hours so as to be sure that the moisture is completely absorbed by the rice. 

==>>    Please be advised that some dust/speck of dirt may get into the ports.

I hope this helps to resuscitate your iPhone and probably get it back into good working condition.

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