Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How To Change The '"Hey, Cortana"' Wake Up Text In Windows 10

The level of technology is really appreciating, these days technology is no longer what it was two decades ago. Gizmos are now taking over the trends in technology, the most interesting thing about these Gizmos is that they make things easier for us, but the common annoyance with all these gizmos is that they are closed systems, and they can't easily be tweaked or customized. If you've been using any of these voice controlled systems like OK Google or any other similar system, I bet you must've thought of customizing it for some reasons.
my cortana
So if you have been using Windows 10 Cortana, or maybe you finally configured your Cortana to be receiving notifications with your Android phone, and had wished to customize the traditional Hi, I'm Cortana welcome notification on the screen. Allow me to introduce to you a third-party program that aims to solve this problem for Cortana on Windows 10.
To get started, download MyCortana.exe file. The program is a portable program, so it doesn't need installation on your PC, juts like the same way you install a normal program. Please note that portable programs aren't available from the Start Menu, to use it you just have to double-click the .exe file and the program will open.
my cortana
The software can be set to start on System Boot, to do so, open the MyCortana window, go to Settings, and at the bottom of the screen and then enable Run at startup option.

To set a wake word with MyCortana, that is, to change the default Hi, I'm Cortana, How can I help you?

===>>>   Click on Settings again, 

===>>>   Click the plus symbol on the right-hand to create a new entry. 

===>>>   Type in whatever name you wish to use for Cortana, then click OK, and then OK again, and you’re ready to go.

Please note that when you’re done with MyCortana settings as you wish, make sure you press the minimize button "dash" and not the “x” (close button) in the top-right corner. The “x” button will terminate the program, while the dash will make it disappear from the taskbar but keep it running in the background. To open MyCortana again, click the upward-facing arrow in the notifications area of the taskbar. Then right-click on the MyCortana icon and then select Open.

Please don't try this if you are using any older versions of Windows. This tutorial is only for Windows 10 and Windows 10 alone. It is meant for use if you only wish to change the Microsoft Cortana wake word.

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  1. hahahaha this is quite some tweak. thanks, I can play around with my cortana


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