Saturday, May 27, 2017

Amity Fund is Offering 50% to 100% returns Within 2 Weeks

Many have experienced unhappy and heartbreaking times due to several fraudulent activities of many hit-and-run donation schemes. Many have also become totally jaded and afraid of investing with anyone of them because they've lost a fortune in the name of Ponzi. However, these sad stories and experiences didn't stop new Ponzi sites from being launched, neither did it stop many people from depositing their hard earned money. I can't say AmityFund is a trusted Ponzi site, neither can I advise you to invest or not, no risk no reward. which is an International peer-to-peer donation platform just launched its Sub-Platform for Nigeria on Monday last week (15th May 2017) and it has been so successful with so many testimonies from Nigerians and zero complaints. Amity Fund is a global peer to peer funding platform that consists of an International Platform and a Nigerian Platform. With both platforms offering 50% to 100% returns on your investments within 14 days.

Features of AmityFund includes:

✔    It is a global community with members from across the globe

✔    A user-friendly website which fits perfectly and can be accessed with both mobile and PC

✔    Members are automatically paired to donate or to receive a donation.

✔    All the plans intersect with no preferences so members can pay other members regardless of the plan they choose. This makes donation and receiving of payments easier.

✔    24 hours support system

✔    Latest web/cyber security systems have been put in place to ensure privacy and safety of users with all their transactions.

✔    The payment timeline of 14 days is guaranteed and has never been exceeded.

✔    5-10% referral bonus is available, but referrals are optional. This means that you can participate, lend/donate or receive payments without referring anyone.

✔    Participants are expected to recycle their plans after on or before 24hours after they've received payments. Failure to do so will lead to immediate termination of your account.

To register, visit any of they AmityFund International or Nigerian platforms according to your choice using the following links

1.    Amity Fund INTERNATIONAL:
2.    Amity Fund NIGERIA:

Note: The Nigerian Sub-Platform of Amity Fund can be accessed from the International Platform and vice versa by clicking on the “flag icons” at the top of the website.

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