Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Introducing Marshmallow, Samsung's Very Own Parental Guidance App

Some time ago, the South Korean conglomerate, Samsung launched it's very own digital assistance which comes pre-installed in the company's latest duo flagship, Galaxy S8, and S8+. However, with a few tricks when nicely done, can make you enjoy Bixby digital assisting in every Samsung galaxy Android smartphone. But it didn't stop at Bixby, the South Korean tech giants went further to join Google in unveiling a parental control app just like Google did with Family Link. 
Samsung Marshmallow
Samsung's Marshmallow has nothing to do with Google's Family link. They are both professional parenting/guidance apps developed by independent technology companies. They only serve a similar purpose which is for parenting and guidance. Just like the Family link which is limited to the United States, for now, Samsung Marshmallow is an exclusive service for Samsung Galaxy users and is supported on the following smartphone models:
- Galaxy S8 / S8 + / S7 / S7+ / S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge+ / S5 / Note5 / Note4 / A5 / A7 / A8 / A9 / J3 / J5 / J7. 

But other Android users can do well to follow this simple guide to check whether their device is compatible and meets the following minimum requirements
1.   Must have an HD resolution or above
2.   Boots Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or a later version: You can go to Settings =>> Device Information =>> Software Information =>> Android Version to check your phone's Andriod version.

Upon Installation, Samsung Marshmallow will ask the user for permission to access their smartphone in order to run these features: 
- Storage: Save or load profile image in Samsung Marshmallow
- Call: Check device-unique identification information when signing up for Marshmallow
- Contacts: Check the Samsung account saved in the device for signing into Marshmallow.

Several features of Samsung Marshmallow includes:
●    A child can earn Marshmallow points when he uses his smartphone properly and loses the points when he does not. 

●    A child can set daily smartphone usage time limits himself.

●    Parents can choose apps that they do not want their child to use, from the apps installed on the child’s smartphone. 

●    Parents can set bedtime to help make sure a child has a good night’s sleep.

●    Marshmallow mode allows a child to use only 8 apps. You can reduce smartphone usage in Marshmallow mode.

●    In a home with Marshmallow, a day's smartphone usage status is provided. Parent and child can check daily and weekly reports for more detailed usage information.
Samsung Marshmallow points

●  Marshmallow provides Badges and extra bonus Marshmallow points when a child observes smartphone usage rules. 
Samsung Marshmallow gifts
Using the app is quite simple. Parents can set some controls themselves, prevent access to specific apps and set a bedtime. Daily and weekly reports are also presented to both parent and child for review. Proper use of the phone is rewarded with Marshmallow points and badges for achievements. When a child has enough Marshmallow points, he/she can ask the parent for a gift card to use in the gift shop and redeem them with real gifts with their parent's permission.

Interested guardian/parent(s) should head over to APK Mirror and download Samsung Marshmallow, or via Google Play Store.

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