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5 Legal Ways To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Having a smartphone is one thing, then downloading the apps that will be used on them is another. Many of us see their smartphones as their number 1 companion that keeps them busy whenever they feel like it. Besides making calls and sending texts messages, there are variety of things that our smartphones could do for us, and they are: taking pictures (selfie and wefie), recording videos and audios, helps us in keeping proper track of our health, get digitized health assistant like in the case of ADA, make cute picture collage and picture slideshow, etc.

Unfortunately, not all the apps available in the app store are offered free of charge. The developers of these apps place a price tag on them, place ads and limitations on them and demands that you upgrade or buy the premium versions of the app so as to remove the ads and unlock the full potentials of the app. This is very much legal and there is nothing wrong about it, you have the choice of using the free version which has limited features or upgrade to the premium version.
Legal Ways To Download Paid Android Apps and Games For Free
When this happens, the user(s) now begins to find ways to either upgrade to the premium version of the app which is by paying the developer or getting the premium version free of charge, by one way or another. And if the latter is your case, then you are reading the right article as you will be learning how to legitimately get premium Android Apps free of charge without breaking the law or violating any rules.
There are several ways to get a premium Android app for free, apart from promotions from Google and Amazon, many third-party websites and apps keep offering apps either free or with heavy discounts. Use should use these methods to save money and avoid indulging in piracy. There are several ways to get รก premium Android app free of charge, and they are:

1.   Google Opinion Rewards app:
The Google Opinions Rewards app is a proven and well-known method of getting free Play Store credit. In return, you can use that credit to get paid Android apps and games for free from Play store and avoid spending money. To get rewards which you will user to purchase apps for free without spending money, you'll have to install Google Opinion Rewards app on your Android device and then answer some surveys every week. Though the payout is low, but it is not bad, little by little a drop(s) of water makes an ocean.

2.    Google Free App of the Week:
Sometime in 2016, Google added a free app of the week promotion in Play Store. It can be accessed in the Family section of the Play Store. Though this feature is still under testing, it can still work for most Google Play Store users and there is a possibility that it'll be inaccessible to some people and locations.

3.    Play Store Sales:
Play Store Sales is another proven way one can get paid Android apps for free or at heavy discounts. Play Store Sales is quite easy to use, you can go ahead and bookmark the website and then take a regular look at it to find your favorite apps.

4.    Free Apps Daily:
Freapp is another easy way to freely download paid Android Applications straight to your Android phone. This app gives a free app every day and offers heavy discounts on others.

5.    App Of The Day:
Saved the best For the last - Getting a paid item freely might sound too good to be true but it’s possible. And in the case of App of the Day, it sure gives you a way to download one app for free each day or unlock all the paid features of a particular app.

You can go right ahead and try out any of these methods that have just been listed on how to freely download paid Android games and applications. Do well to share with your friends and colleagues, drop your queries, reviews, and testimonies.

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