Be Informed And Earn: Stone V3, The Cheapest Rugged Phone With Tripple Sim Slots

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Stone V3, The Cheapest Rugged Phone With Tripple Sim Slots

This has already seen several overwhelming innovations where technology is concerned. Several Android devices were unveiled at the MWC and many are still made known despite the fact that most of them didn't make it to the congress. Several Android devices that are in the spotlight now are Posh Mobile's Micro X which is the smallest Android device ever seen. Cagabi One which is the cheapest 4G LTE Android smartphone ever known. And now we have VKworld Stone V3, which is the first Rugged that supports three (3) sim card slots.
VKworld Stone V3 3 sim card slots

However, the sad story behind this smartphone is that it has been duplicated by a smaller Chinese company and have been shipped into the market. Several unwitting Android lovers have already bought the fake one with the thought that they are buying the original. 

VKworld Stone V3 and original, how to spot VKworld Stone V3 fake and original

For this reason, the markers of Stone V3, Vk World (VK stands for Viable Korea) is going to release an upgraded model of Stone V3—the New Stone V3. They are doing this because there are so many copycats that violate their intellectual property. From the screenshot above, you can see a photo of a fake Stone V3 and then see the original. Users of the fake Stone V3 won't be able to get any support from the company.

Looking at the specs of the New and Upgraded Stone V3, it is made of the following features and specs.
==>>    Triple SIM support, (you can use this phone with 3 sims from different networks of your choice.
VKworld Stone V3 price and release date

==>>    Its body is made up IP68 waterproof and dust-proof

==>>    2megapixel rear camera

==>>    Aerospace rubber exterior

==>>    Dual core CPU

==>>    Battery capacity measures 300mAh

==>>    2GB internal memeory and 128MB RAM

==>>    Brand-new back cover design

==>>    Improved BOX speaker which gives out enhanced sound and louder volume

==>>    Supports 15 languages including Russian, Italian, Englis, German, etc

==>>    Available in red and blue colours

With this little illustration, you can now easily know the VKworld Stone V3 original, how to spot VKworld Stone V3 fake from the original. To promote it and as well boost sales, the company has set up a promotional on offer now on AliExpress with a promoted price of only $19.99. Just click here to go directly to the offer page.

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