Be Informed And Earn: Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus Finally Released, With Driverless Printing And More

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus Finally Released, With Driverless Printing And More

Team Canonical released the 17.04 version of their popular Linux Distro Ubuntu which is codenamed Zesty Zapus (which means mouse). This new development follows shortly after the team announced that the dropping of its default desktop, Unity starting with the release of Ubuntu 18.04. However, a group named UBports stepped forward to take on Unity’s development, so we still gonna be seeing more of Unity in the future.

Ubuntu 17.04 zesty zapus

Features of Ubuntu Zesty Zaspus:
1.    Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus brings improved support for new ARM platforms, Raspberry Pi 3, and Surface 3 along with improvements in the DRM drivers for AMD and Nvidia. All these are made possible with its new 4.10 which was announced back in February 

2.    Driverless Printing:
This is my favourite part of this new development. If you are a Linux user, you will agree with me that it is quite a piece of work getting your printer drivers installed. Unless you have an instructor, or keen Linux user beside you, who is almost like your “how to get things done in Linux” then you will definitely spend a lot of time on the internet research on how to get anything done.

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But the new Zesty Zapus has ended all those stress by making it come with a driverless printing system. Once a printer is connected to a machine, the OS automatically setup compatible printers via USB or Local Network. Ubuntu 17.04 also comes with support for Apple AirPrint and IPP Everywhere printers without requiring custom driver software.

3.    Swap File
Swap file uses a very low percentage of the hard drive’s free space with a 2GB cap. And in the new Zesty Zapus, Canonical dropped the concept of swap partition for new Ubuntu 17.04 installs, then replacing it with a swap file which is a wiser move if you ask me considering modern systems have an ample memory at their disposal. 

4.    Updates:
The core applications in GNOME have been updated to version 3.4 excluding Terminal (3.20), Evolution (3.22), and Nautilus (3.20) and Software Center (3.22). 

Also, Unity 8 arrived with 16.04 LTS and you can go right ahead and try it as an alternate session before it gets ditched. Also, Ubuntu 17.04 has dropped the support for 32-bit PowerPC platform. But the platform is already obsolete.

Ubuntu 17.04 zesty zapus 2 system settung GUI

5.    Two Different System Settings GUI:
I don't know what happens here or why it happened. Neither do I know if this was a mistake as team canonical forgot to remove the old GUI after making some upgrades to the GUI. But for some weird reason, Ubuntu 17.04 has two version of the System Settings application. One is the regular old one and another has redesigned UI.

To get the new Ubuntu Zesty Zapus, just visit these download links for Zesty Zapus and the download link here for Ubuntu 17.04 Flavors

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