Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Truefunds is Crash proof 100% Return Donation System

The main strength of Truefunds.org lies in their primary purpose, which is to "Make financial relationship between people fair. It is a  crash-proof peer to peer donation platform with a transparent mode of operation, with trust and sustainability as their watchword. 

truefunds.org truefunds.org donation scheme

It is mutual donation community which has set out to make a positive difference with its 4 (four) amazing and pocket-friendly packages which are:

1.    Bronze - ₦5,000 to get ₦10,000

2.    Silver - ₦10,000 to get ₦20,000

3.    Gold - ₦20,000 to get ₦40,000

4.    Platinum - ₦50,000 to get ₦100,000
All of these packages comes with 2 : 1 Matrix, Auto Assign, Pay Out/In Option and Cash out of the exact amount of returns.

Other Features include:
✅    24/7 Active and interactive Support.
✅    Automated system 
✅    Trusted Network to pay you
✅    Fast/Auto re-merging system 
✅    Get Pre-matched even before making payment (at special times) 
✅    Fast dedicated server 
✅    Unlimited bandwidth to handle a huge amount of web traffic and entertain millions of users simultaneously.

Truefunds.org is already live since Wednesday 5th of April 2017. You won't have the intention to hit-and-run because the platform is here to ensure every participant keeps funding, smiling and clapping to the bank.  To get started with truefunds, visit https://www.truefunds.org/

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