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Ten Secretes to Getting Goog Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Employment today in Nigeria is now a tug of war; it has become what is as the survival of the fittest. Good jobs are very hard to get in Nigeria because the government has failed to provide employment opportunities to her citizens. The recent Nigerian immigration job
test in which over 700,000 graduates were jostling for about 4500 average paying job openings for graduates every year. Thousands of school graduates are over produced yearly from the NYSC programme, adding to the already overburdened labour market. The overfilled job market now add more graduates to the market on a yearly basis making employment chances slimmer yearly. The already over-filled labour market not withstanding man graduates still get to absorb more graduates into the economy on a yearly.

 According to research, there are ten ways of getting a good paying
job in Nigeria. They are

1)      Communication skill:  
Communication skill is a very important factor in getting a good job in Nigeria, in fact, it should never be underestimated. You have to be able to express yourself adequately and efficiently in both writing and speaking. The difference between two equally good graduates comes down to their ability to communicate and impress their employer, communication is very vital in both oral and writing interview stage of recruitment process.  You should be able to impress our employers too in our cv and cover letter writing. At the end of the day it is not usually the best that gets the job but the one that sells him or herself than the rest of the applicants. This can also be referred to as packaging, which means you should learn to package yourself in front of your employers.

2)      Good Grades: 
It is no doubt that the number one requirement for most vacancies is a good grade with the minimum g.p of 2.1. You stand a better chance of with a first class degree holder. In fact, few job openings demand first class holders. If you have a good grade you can apply for most jobs that require your area of expertise. Thou having a good grade is not a sure guarantee of getting a good paying job.

3)      Age: 
age is another critical factor in the Nigerian labour market. Many jobs have an age restriction. In Nigerian labour market, as one grows older the number of jobs he or she can apply for is limited, but the younger you are the more job opportunities comes our way if you play your cards right.

4)      Marketability of The Course You Studied: 
To get a job in Nigeria requires you study a very marketable course because the more marketable your course of study is the more higher your chance of getting a good job. This those not mean that some courses are not good anyways, all courses are good but some are more marketable that others, it is obvious that courses such as accounting medicine, nursing , engineering e.t.c. are more demanded than some other courses.

5)      Master or Professional Certification: 
There are some disciplines that having a masters degree, especially in a top school will brighten our chances of getting a good paying job in Nigeria. There are also some certain kind of jobs that having an MBA will boost our chances of getting the job. Also the importance of certification in discipline such as accounting information and technology etc. Cannot be over stated, although many people still get good jobs without additional
degree, most jobs do require additional degree.

6)      Valuable Internship:
Having a relevant internship or siwes can potentially give you a upper hand against other competitors in sectors such as construction banking marketing etc. Many graduates get chosen above others because of their applicable experience gathered from a few month of internship 

7)      Basic Computer Skill: The modern world revolves around information technology. Almost Every level of job positions requires graduates to have basic MS Office skills, because most job vacancies nowadays are advertised and applied for online. Many job test are cbt. Also, credentials and cover letters are typed and designed using computers.

8)      Networking Skills: 
We Nigerians call this a different name such as pressing the button, connections, etc. Man jobs in Nigeria are gotten through networking, networking is not a bad in furthering once career although if it is not abused. But in Nigeria private sectors you do not need to know any one before you can get a good paying job.

9)      Knowledge of Business/And Corporate World:
having a knowledge of the corporate can be a big advantage especially in interviews. Many employers search for this understanding among graduates, even the
technically inclined ones.

10)     Analytical skill: 
This is one of the most important requirement most companies, this skill is usually tested in job aptitude exam. There are so man graduates with good grades but have failed to pass the job test just because of their poor analytical and mathematical

The above qualities can only improve greatly our chances of getting a good job in Nigeria. Although you do not need all the stated above to get a good paying job in Nigeria. There is also an element of luck and good prayer. It cannot be disregarded in seeking for job in Nigeria.

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