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Simple Guide on How To Connect Chromecast To Xbox One

So you own Chromecast and you also have Xbox which are both a piece of beauty from different tech giants. Then you will agree with me that it is quite boring and annoying to be switching connection for Chromecast and Xbox on your TV regularly. To me, these devices are like twins and should be stick together at all times but unfortunately, this can't be done because your TV has only 1 HDMI port. 

How to Connect Your Chromecast To Xbox One
On the other hand, Chromecast compatibility on Microsoft Xbox One is a serious advantage. You can use the extra HDMI port on your Xbox One to connect your Chromecast device and use it along with the Xbox. So no need of connecting and disconnecting at all times.
So How to connect your Chromecast to Xbox One?
1.    Connect the Chromecast device to Xbox One’s spare HDMI port.
Simple Guide How To Connect Your Chromecast To Xbox One
2.    Then open the TV app on the Xbox One.
3.    Select the Connect your cable or satellite box option by pressing button A.

4.    Wait for a few seconds for the Xbox to detect your Chromcast. Once that happens, It’ll appear in the small TV frame on the screen. Then Click Next.
Simple Guide How To Connect Your Chromecast To Xbox One
5.    On the next screen, click Skip to proceed further. You can click Next to set up Xbox to control your TV.
connect chromecast to xbox

6.    Then you can choose whether your Xbox One should go the home or open TV app when it starts.
connect chromecast to xbox

7.    Click Next to complete your Chromecast setup process. After this, you’ll be taken to the Chromecast screen.

How reset Chromecast configuration on Xbox?
If you experience any problems running Chromecast in the future or you want to connect a new device, you can revert the changes you have made by visiting All Settings > TV& OneGuide > Troubleshooting. On the Troubleshooting screen, click Reset TV Settings.

You can also Cast to Xbox without Chromecast, Here is How

If you don’t have a Chromecast device, you can still cast some of the apps to your Xbox One. However, I was only able to cast the YouTube app from my Android phone. If you have the Chromecast extension installed on your Chrome browser. The cast to Xbox One options is active when you are using the YouTube website. Do let us have your feedback and queries. Happy viewing/playing

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