Be Informed And Earn: Recession!!! Price of Data Increases By 50%

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recession!!! Price of Data Increases By 50%

It was towards the end of 2016 that the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC ordered all telecom operations in the country to increase the price of their data bundle subscription.  Then, later on, petitions were signed at which amongst other reasons, was why the senate rejected the directive, stating that all parties must be involved before any changes will be made to the prices of data.

data price hike in nigeria
For the past 24hours, Glo Ng which is no doubt the cheapest internet service provider has been unsuccessful in connecting, thus rendering several internet users who depend on the network for their internet connection. Then later the connections were restored but the joy of having your internet connection restored wasn't there.

The prices of data in the country of today increased by a large margin. To but a few, GLO data which was what seemed to be the best choice of mobile data subscription for almost everyone has cut down by 50%, perhaps a little illustration will help you to comprehend. 
The image you are seeing above is the price of GLO data subscription about 5 -7 months ago. But today the reverse is the case as all the data allocated to several amounts were reduced by 50%. When I tried to buy data bundle this evening, the prices remained the same but the amount of data allocated has changed
data price hike in nigeria
And the plans for 4GLTE services is as follows

data price hike in nigeria
Also, there are reports claiming that the price for Etisalat data has also increased, but there is no confirmed evidence on that yet. So now the big question is, what is next way forward for cheap internet browsing? Will the new prices of data be as a result of the data price increase by the NCC last year? or is it just temporal? While you deliberate on that, be informed that Airtel's blackberry subscription stil works flawlessly on Android phones, all yu have to do is to follow the guide here

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  1. So if all networks should increase their data price, even nonsense GLO is also increasing their data price. They should be ready to loose me as their customer. GLO that is as dull as snail in their network mode is increasing data plan price. Hey! Abomination! ALU!

  2. Shai, Nna eh! I go miss glo sub for 12gb @ 3000naira. Nawa for this country Nigeria. Things are not getting better at all

  3. Na glo own sef go be worst. Because na them go loose customers pass.!!


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