Be Informed And Earn: Raversng Pays You Back 100% of Your Donation Within 1-5 days.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Raversng Pays You Back 100% of Your Donation Within 1-5 days.

Another peer-to-peer financial system has just been launched, it is called And it is specially meant for people who have lost quite a fortune to fraudulent Ponzi schemes. It is an online platform created out of the need to reach out to all Nigerians who may have been ill-treated by the unjust nature of most platforms.

RAVERS is not a bank, RAVERS is not an online investment platform. RAVERS does not collect your money, RAVERS is not an HYIP or MLM. It is simply a community where individuals with a common goal, who share a common dream and believe that providing assistance for an individual, community or group can help change their fortune as well as help them receive their own donation. Members earn their money through a peer to peer funding system which entails, 100% Of Donations are Member to Member, Zero Admin fees, No SCAMS.

Packages Available in Raversng are:
1.    BRONZE(N10,000)
2.    SILVER (N20,000)
3.    GOLD (N50,000)
4.    PLATINUM (N100,000)
5.    DIAMOND (N200,000)

After signing up, proceed to choose your package and you will be assigned a member to make a payment to, then contact the member and make your donation. Once her/she receives your donation, you will be confirmed and then become qualified to receive donations from 2 members of your chosen package within 1-5 days. There is no referral links or bonus, so earnings are based on first come first serve basis. 

For the sake of smooth running of the system, it is recommended to start with the 3 packages which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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