Be Informed And Earn: Posh Mobile’s Micro X, The world’s Smallest Android Smartphone

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Posh Mobile’s Micro X, The world’s Smallest Android Smartphone

It will a very unfortunate thing, not to embrace the changes around you as human. One of the things that are constant in life is change, and it miraculously applies to every aspect and works of life.

Micro X, world smallest android phone, world's smallest 4G phone
With that being said, in the realm of technology, we have seen several innovations that no one would have to imagine to be possible. Where Android is concerned, we've seen several devices that would take your breath away with its state of the art specs. We have seen a $40 phone, Cagabi One which is the cheapest 4G LTE Android smartphone ever known. Now we have Micro X, which is no doubt the smallest Android smartphone you can get in the market now. 

Taking a quick review on Posh Mobile’s Micro X:

==>>    It comes with a 2.4-inch screen

==>>    650 mAH removable Li-ion battery

==>>    2 megapixel rear camera

==>>    1 GHz dual core MediaTek processor

==>>    512 mb RAM

==>>    Comes already installed with Google PlayStore

==>>    8mm USB charging port

==>>    Boots Android 4.4 KitKat

==>>    Supports Micro sim cards

==>>    Supports Micro SD of up to 32GB

==>>    Available in White with Gold finish

Micro X supports an enhanced 4G HSDPA+ Network – GSM/Edge/4G HSDPA+ 850/1900/2100. Which in lay man's terms implies that it will also work on your international travels in coutries like Mexico, Central/South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and over 120 countries, with 1 year warranty and lifetime support.

Posh Mobile Micro X
Micro X is already on sale at Amazon Store at a retial price of $49.99 & FREE Shipping, but will be in stock starting from April 13th 2017.

To make sure that you get the most out of your money, users will also get a $15 Uber ride with this device (for new Uber users only). It comes with the standard wall adapter, charging cable, headphones, manual, battery, screen protector, 1 Year Warranty and Unlimited lifetime support in the box. In case you ever need to call here’s the POSH Support line 844-464-7674.

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