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OnePlus 5 to Have Snapdragon 835 SoC + 25MP Dual Shooter

It is traditional to count 4 after 3 but in the case of the in the case of OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in December 2013 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, after 3 3T and then comes 5. How do I know this? 

I know this because last week when everyone's eyes were laser focused on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 series, a new leak of another beautiful smartphone went unnoticed. Be the way, if you own a Samsung phone(s) that meets the minimum requirements of running Bixby, just follow this simple guide here to set it up Bixby on your device.

Now, where were we? About OnePlus 5 which is a Snapdragon-powered Android phone with a 23MegaPixel dual camera, 8GB RAM and QUAD HD 2K display. This new device accord it to it's makers OnePlus, is said to be inspired by OnePus 3T, which is no doubt the best smartphone ever made by the Chinese phone makers.

Just like Gionee and Xiaomi, OnePlus has this special zeal of producing high-end quality smartphones that always take the tech world by a storm. And this impression and promise has been kept since its first OnePlus One. Thier last smartphone which is OnePlus 3T, is with no doubt a highly-advanced smartphone which is also considered one of the best Android phones in the market today along with Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, and the newly launch Samsung Galaxy S8 which we will be running a hands on review later.

After 3 Comes 4, But Why OnePlus 5 and Not OnePlus 4?
This has ben the question in the mouth of many, but here is the simplest explanation. The number 4 according to a long-held Chinese superstitious belfief is an unlucky number. Chinese folks generally dislike 4 the same way westernans dislike 13. In Chinese, the number 4 is pronounced as Si, which is the same as 死 which means (death). Due to this time immemorial belief among the Chinese, OnePlus 3T is the device which was supposed to be dubbed OnePlus 4. And now, we are have anothe flagship, OnePlus 5 ahead of Oneplus 4.

Now we know why their next phone will be OnePlus 5 in lieu of OnePlus 4, lets take a look at what it looks like as well as what's under the hood.

Like it is said earlier, OnePlus 5 is going to be chipped with Snapdragon 835 SoC and an all of its glory 22 out the box megapixel dual shooter. An 8GB RAM with a QUAD HD 2K display.

Other features include:
==>>    An all-glass or ceramic chassis design in a full matte color called ‘black as midnight’

==>>    Colette edition of the OnePlus 3T which gave the device a premium look is seen in OnePlus 5.

==>>    The display like discusse eralier will be a 5.5 inch dual-curved edge AMOLED FHD/2K display.

==>>    Will come in two varients, the 6GB RAM and the 8GB RAM variant respectively.

==>>    The 6GB RAM variant will have 64GB in built storage capacity while the later (8GB variant) will have 128GB inbuilt storage capacity.

==>>    Both storage units of these devices can be expended using external storgae media.

==>>    Just like the storage capabilities, the the cameras of these device will be differed as well. 
The 6GB variant will feature a 23 megapixel rear and 12 megapixel front camera. While the 8GB variant will feature a 25 megapixel rear and 16 megapixel front camera. And ill each come with a dual-rear camera setup for efficient 3D and depth capturing.

==>>    The phone is going to be electronically powered by a 4000mAh battery along with USB Type-C connector and Qualcomm's Quick Charge.

==>>    Boots Android 7.0 Nougat and will eventually get Android O updated via OTA.

==>>    OnePlus 5 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest out of the box processor, the Snapdragon 835 SoC. Which also juices up the recently announced Samsung flagships – Galaxy S8 and S8+. And reports according to GizmoChina are claiming that the next Xiaomi flagship, Xiaomi Mi 6 is expected to come with the same processor.

When should I be expecting OnePlus 5 and what is the price range?
OnePlus 5 is rumored to be first made available to the online market at the middle of the second quarter of the year which is around April – June.  The 64GB version is tagged aroung a retial cost of US$439 while the 128GB model around US$479. There is a chance of a 256GB OnePlus 5 version as well, afterall, it is OnePlus we are talking about here, they never settle for less, so why should you?

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