Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nonstoprollout Helps You Grow Your Little Investment is now open for business and offers only 1 package. Unlike so many donation schemes that offer up to 5 different packages which interesting users can choose from, they only offer 1 package of ₦25,000 and promise to give you double of it through peer-to-peer donation. This is our first trial in peer to peer donation and we want it to work out well, says the team behind the scheme., nonstoprollout donation

Our name simply means you keep rolling or cashing out no stopping. When you get your full donation and you recycle, the system moves very fast. I am sure if we all support each other we can get to 20,000 rolls in one day.

Thay has put in place an feature email verification during registration to prevent scammers. We waited a month to thoroughly vet this platform before hosting and launching online for public use. Also, remember bad comments kills a site faster, so if you have any issues kindly send your mails to [email protected] so it can be resolved as fast as possible. has an anthem which says: Together we stand and divided we fall. To get started visit

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