Be Informed And Earn: New Google Feature Now Let's You Submit Your Site For Indexing Straight from Google Search

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Google Feature Now Let's You Submit Your Site For Indexing Straight from Google Search

I love Google the same way I love Whatsapp, they are the two tech companies that release updates as often times as possible in other to enhance their services and promote user experiences. Despite having a low turn out with Allo which I will say is a bit of setback for the Mountain view tech giants. They are doing Google Indexing the same thing they did with  Google Assistant. Making you have everything you need in your bare hands just from a single search.

how to get Google Crawling Indexing fast

Getting your site seen and visited by Google can be quite a task for newbie webmasters and publishers. But Google through it'snew feature has reduced the stress, so all you gotta do now is to make a simple Google search, type in your URL, answer the captcha test to prove you are not a robot, hit the submit button. This new feature is one of the many ways Google is using to incorporate its various services straight into search results for easy access.

Abinitio, you must have a Google Webmasters account before inviting Google to visit your site, but this new feature makes much easier for you to invite Google to your site and ask Google bots to index the contents of your site. This new feature just reminds of Google translate, where you type the words and it automatically detects the language and then translates it, without you having to choose the origin language and the language you want the word or phrase to be translated to.

It is, however, unclear when this new feature was added, as there was no official announcement prior to when it became known to the public and available to use as well.

How To Easily Get My Site Indexed By Google
==>>    To get your site quickly indexed by Google, all you have to do is make pull up a google search of “Submit url to Google” 

==>>    Once your search results comes up, Google will give you a space to type in your site URL in this format “” 

==>>    Initially, the submit button will be inactive and unclickable, then becomes active and clickable after filling out your site URL and proving you are not a robot by answering the CAPTCHA question(s) correctly. 

The Big G will then review the page and see whether it wants to index the URL so other people can easily find it in their search results.

I hope this helps in solving your big question and countless searches of how to get your site contents on Google? Cheers.

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