Monday, July 17, 2017

Is Your National eID Card Ready? Check Yours Now

National ID card is crucial, it is one of the main things that identifies you as a citizen/occupant of a particular country where you reside. However, most or some individuals are reluctant to get at least 1 or 2 valid means of national identity for themselves. But I am here to tell you this, that piece of card could save you a lot of trouble, stress, and expenses. It comes with several advantages which I will mention only but few.

National ID Card ready, is my National ID Card ready

1.    You can easily use it to open a domiciliary account and get paid in dollars.

2.    It can serve as a source of information in any case you are involved in any sudden unpleasantries.

3.    It can protect you from being a victim of identity theft

4.    It gives you right to vote.

5.    It can be used to address illegal employments.

6.    When used and implemented properly, it can be used to boost security. And so much more.

So if you have not enrolled yourself for your National Identity card, make haste to do so. And if yu are in Nigeria and you've registered for it in the past, use this simple step to check if your card is ready and available for pickup. All you have to do is to;

1.    Go to NIMC NOW homepage

2.    When the page opens, click on the Proceed Button.
is my National ID Card ready?

3.    Once you click on the proceed button, a form will pop-up where you will input your details.

4.    Enter the following details
a.    You First Name.
b.    Your last/ Surname (i.e., your family name)
c.    The last 6-digits of your Nation Identification Number, NIN

5.     Once you've input your details in the appropriate spaces, click on the Check Now Button.

It doesn't take up to 1 minute, you will see the status of your National Identification Card, and know if it is available for pickup.

So is you National ID Card ready? Check this now and tell us if yours is available of Not, do share this with your friends and colleagues. Do have yourselves a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Sad news mine isn't ready since early 2016 that I applied for it it seems federal government didn't sponsor it uptill now.


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