Be Informed And Earn: Linux Lite 3.4 is Now Available, Also Comes With New Faetures

Monday, April 3, 2017

Linux Lite 3.4 is Now Available, Also Comes With New Faetures

Linux Lite which is a Linux distribution, based on Debian and Ubuntu was created by a team led by Jerry Bezencon. The purpose of Linux Lite is to introduce Windows users to Linux. Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu 16.04.2 and Linux kernel 4.4. It is simple to use, it is lightweight, it is equally fast, and has several versions already on the web. With the latest version (Linux Lite 3.4) which was just released a few days ago after 5 months of development.

Linux lite wallpaper

This new release will feature some added new features, bug fixes, improved security as well as improvements in the overall user experiences. If you are already a Linux Lite user, you must have already been getting a notification about an update to version 3.4, which is one of the main highlights of the release.

Linux Lite update and welcome screen

Several other new features of Linux Lite 3.4 includes
1.    Besides the new looks, users now get notified about updates and drivers and set a restore point after the installation.

Linux lite zRAM

2.    Addition of zRAM
Linux Lite is on of the fastest and lightweight Linux distros I've ever worked with. Before now, it can already be used flawlessly on older or low spec systems, and the addition of zRAM in this new version 3.4 add more flavour to it. zRAM is a compressed RAM block device for faster I/O, and it's sure useful for older machines. 

3.    Fluent support for joysticks.

4.    Changes in The Login Options.

Linux Lite 3.4 Changelog
==>>>    Kernel 4.4.0-70 (custom kernels are also available via our Repository for versions 3.13 – 4.10)
==>>>    Firefox 52.0.1

==>>>    Thunderbird 45.7.0
==>>>    LibreOffice

==>>>    VLC – 2.2.2
==>>>    Gimp 2.8.20
==>>>    Netflix – native support in Firefox

==>>>    Lite Help Manual – added how to switch repositories tutorial
==>>>    Execute bash scripts – double click on bash scripts to run them

==>>>    Desktop Notifications theme now set to Default
==>>>    2 new Wallpapers, Fireworks, Waterfalls (community chosen)
==>>>    Ubuntu Base: 16.04.2

Minimum System Requirements for you to meet before attempting to run Linux Lite is as follows

CPU: 700MHz processor
RAM: 512mb ram
RESOLUTION: VGA screen 1024x768 resolution
MEDIA: DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

CPU: 1.5GHz processor
RAM: 1024mb ram
RESOLUTION: VGA, DVI or HDMI screen 1366x768
MEDIA: DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Below are Download links fro Linux Lite
For 64 Bit
For 32 Bit

Both are in ISO and are between 900mb, less than 1GB. I usually use Lili USB to burn my Linus files to thumb drives (on Windows PC) before formatting, but it is recommended that you use Win32DiskImager for this particular distro. Win32DiskImager can get downloaded from SourceForge
Are you a Windows user who want to have more from your PC by trying several other OS on your machine? Besides Zorin 12 or Linux Mint, and any other Linux distro which are lightweight or not. I recommend Linux Lite for you. Feel free to ask your questions and share other matters as they arise.

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