Saturday, April 1, 2017

Is Cashrollout A Fake Ponzi Scheme? which went online yesterday, after much hypes and promotions is no longer accessible. Unfortunately, we don't have any solid confirmation from any user who has invested in the platform. But the big question now is this; Is Cashrollout A Fake Ponzi Scheme?

The website went online yesterday being 30th of April, and ever since yesterday evening, has been inaccessible. By Now You Should know those Schemes that tell you they've come to Stay for 2years and barely last 2hours.

Acclaimed features of cashrollout include

A.    2 TO 1 Matrix

B.    Automatic Purge Button AFTER 30MINUTES.

C.    Maximum 10minutes to tackle FAKE POP Issues.

D.    Get #40,000 REFERRAL BONUS On Referring 20 Participants with Confirmed Payments

E.    You automatically get qualify for 3 to 1 Matrix when you share your testimony by sharing a screenshot of your dashboard after you have been matched to Get Help.

So if you have any relevant information regarding, please do share with us.

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