Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Harrizone is Offering to Pay You 100% Return of Donations Within 24hrs-10 Days.

Harrizone.com is a  fast peer-to-peer donation community that on the 4th of April 2017. It offers 100% return on donations made, within 24hrs-10 days. It is a platform designed for serious minded Nigerians. Participants donate to one another for the greater good of every of its user. The scheme was developed out of the desire for sustainability and reliability, and it also comes with reliable and improved packages which are as follows:

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1.    Rookie - 10,000 to get ₦20,000 in return

2.    Starter - ₦25,000 to get ₦50,000 in return

3.    Business - ₦50,000 to get ₦100,000 in return

4.    Professional - ₦100,000 to get ₦200,000 in return
All available packages comes with e-mail and live chat support, instant admin removal, and finally referral bonuses which will be added soonest

Several features of Harrizone.com are
*   A 2:1 matrix system

*   24/7 standby support team

*   Swift matching system

*   3 hours stipulated time to make payments

*   Button to report fake proof of payments or discrepancies 

*   Immediate conflict resolution system

Harrizone.com is a community of people who see the need and importance of contribution and aiding each other as Nigerians. In this difficult time of economic recession, one can also afford to live comfortably with the help of a brother or sister. With that in mind, this platform has been created for the good of every striving Nigerian.

To get started, visit https://www.harrizone.com/, sign up and choose any package of your choice. After successfully making payments, your countdown timer starts and you would be matched with two other participants within 24hrs-10days, to make payment to your stated account.

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