Be Informed And Earn: Google’s Auto Draw AI Tool Turns Your Silly Drawings Into Amazing ClipArts

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Google’s Auto Draw AI Tool Turns Your Silly Drawings Into Amazing ClipArts

Google Auto Draw is another one from Google themselves, it is an artificial intelligence which turns your random shapes and drawings into a professionally drawn clipart. It is quite difficult to draw sometimes, especially for individuals who aren't artistic inclined. But the new Google Auto Draw can get you producing original clipart drawings in just a few clicks.
Google's Auto Draw uses machines learning, to recognize random doodles sketched on the screen. So all you need to do is sketch your imagination to the best possible clarity and choose from the objects shown in the suggestion bar. The suggestions that are shown to you have been designed by professional artists and AutoDraw does the job of matching them with your doodle and gives you a perfectly drawn clipart.

There are already suggested clip arts which are available for you to choose from, they include Lightning, Fish, Bicycle, Glasses, Googles, etc.

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The user can also draw their own clipart and submit to Google for them to add to the already suggestion, or you can entirely suggest a new one. Google's AutoDraw is available at Auto Draw Homepage and below is a 2mins short video of how exactly it works.

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