Monday, April 10, 2017

Agbani Darego, BiG Brother Niaja Tops Google Search in Nigeria

The internet was flooded with posts and expressions of many internet and social media users yesterday with all of them saying almost the same words, BBNiaja. It is one of the famous reality TV shows in the continent where a bunch of guys and ladies gets locked up in a building and they live their normally daily routine life. 


The viewers using their votes decides the contestant who gets evicted from the show and who stays. The contestants are being evicted gradually and on intervals down to the last 3 then a general vote is conducted. Then the contestant with the highest percentage of votes based on logistics emerges the winner and gets and grand price of a fixed amount of money, plus other packages that come with it.

Agbani Darego wedding, Agbani Darego secrete wedding

On the other hand, Agbani Darego, Lagos-born, Rivers state model also made the top of most search terms in the country yesterday. Agbani Darego is first native African to win Miss Word crown. The news has it that the 33-year-old model is married to Danjuma. We nuptial bonding quietly took place in London and the ex-beauty queen shared the photo of the wedding later on Saturday night.

Palm Sunday, Triumphant entry

Still, on the top trends in the country, the Christians all over the world marked the Palm Sunday, which is a solemnity and remembrance of the triumphant entry of Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, then after He willingly accepted his passion and cross. The palm Sunday also marks the beginning of the holy week which according to the Roman Catholic doctrine is the time Jesus Christ entered into His passion.

The palm Sunday precedes the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday) which are one of the most important days in the birth and history of Christianity.

Other top trending searches in the country includes Tenacious TBoss, a fellow big brother Nigeria contestant, Mavis magic, The Jesus Baby, Bisola and Efe.

While you go about your day/week, I want to share small words of wisdom with you. Based on logistics, many people were busy announcing the winner of bb9ja and his money. And someone elsewhere was busy pulling internet traffic from breaking the news. At the end of the day, someone went home with $2000 and counting gotten from internet traffic, while the rest went home with "wow, I am happy for you bro" Wwarri no de carry last.

In my own candid opinion, I'd say it all boils down to priorities. I hope I've made some common sense, good morning and have a holy positive week. Make some something reasonable and money lucrative your priority today.

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