Be Informed And Earn: Glo NG Replies Nigerians On The Data Reduction - See Reason For Glo Data Reduction

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Glo NG Replies Nigerians On The Data Reduction - See Reason For Glo Data Reduction

This article was first written on Friday, April 28, 2017, and was updated on February 8, 2018. The internet went upside down yesterday around here as some ISP providers increased the price of their data bundle subscription. Glo NG, the grand masters of data who have been saving Nigerians with their cheapest data subscription yesterday decided to cut their data bundle allocation by 50%, while the prices remained unchanged.

gloNG replies to data reduction
This new development was not welcomed by many, and some have already started have already started making plans to port out of the network as their cheapest data bundle is the only thing keeping them since. Truthfully the network is uber slow in terms of data connection speed, and I would personally understand the reason why anyone would make plans to port out.

But amidst all these hypes and talks, a faithful Nigerian did well to tweet @gloworld requesting to hear from the horse's mouth, the new price of the price of data. Gloworld via her customer care representative responded with this tweet below:

Hello, "data caps" has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the plan TT
cheap glo data bundle subscription
What this implies is that whichever plan you were using before yesterday's saga is still in effect providing that you renew your data bundle subscription within 3 days after it has expired. Failure to do so, the new data plans will kick in by itself.

For instance, if you are on the 10GB plan for 2.5k or 12GB plan for 3k, etc. You will continue to enjoy buying your internet bundle data at that same rate so long as you stay on that bundle plan and allowing it to auto-renew itself every month. Failure to do renew your data 3days after expiration, the new data allocation which was cut down by 50% will take effect on your line.

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Price of Glo Data Plan as at Feb.2018

Glo is still the only ISP offering the cheapest 3G and 4GLTE in the country, but truth be told, this new development seems a little too harsh to me. Secondly, they've got to up their internet broadband speed. Now over to you, what is your own opinion regarding this?

Update: as at February 1, 2018. Glo NG has reduced the amount of data allocated to each of their data plans again. Follow the image above to be guided accordingly.

Reason For Glo Data Reduction

Reason For Glo Data Reduction
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According to Glo NG - Our plans have been reviewed, the initial offering which was introduced last year as part of the giveaways from the brands in appreciation to our esteemed customers during the festive season

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