Be Informed And Earn: Go Multiple Allows You To Run Multiple Accounts in Your Phone

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Go Multiple Allows You To Run Multiple Accounts in Your Phone

There are users who for some reason or the other, runs more than 1 social media accounts. Maybe email account, maybe social media account (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) etc. But if you've noticed this, you can only install a particular app once on your phone. Meaning that if you own 2 facebook accounts, you can only access the one at a time with your smartphone, as 2 accounts can't run in one app neither will the same type of app work twice with on the same phone.
Go Multiple Allows You To Run Multiple Accounts in Your Phone
Today, the case is no longer the same, there are now several means to install the same app more than once, twice and above on the same device. Those using GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp+, YoWhatsapp, Black Facebook, Black Instagram, etc will agree with me any of these apps allows the user to install it and then install the official version of it on your phone as well.
Run Multiple Accounts in Your Phone

Unfortunately, an average user of the official versions of any these apps that were mentioned above has little or no knowledge of these apps. What he or she knows is to just install the app from apps store, or have them sent to them via one of the fastest means of free file sharing apps and software like SHAREit. Then installs, input login details, verify and start using. 

Whether you are an average user, or you're more than that, and you wish to run more than one of the same app installed on your smartphone, then Go Multiple is just the right thing you need.

Go Multiple is a simple application which allows users to manage multiple accounts of any instant messaging and social media app on their phone. Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or twitter & your most lovable games on the same device. Like the intro said, it is for users who have multiple accounts or who log into more than Two Accounts of One App using the same phone.

The amazing part is that using this app doesn't require you be a geek or a tech savvy fellow. All you have to do is to open your Google PlayStore and download Go Multiple.

how to run more than 1 account with android
Then upon installation, you will be presented you with options to choose the messenger (social media chatting app) that you wish to add multiple accounts to.

Mark or select the chatting apps that you want and then hit the enable button and you are good to go.

Are you ready to try out this app? and manage your accounts on one device without having to log in or out at all times, download Go Multiple, use it and share us your experience.

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