Be Informed And Earn: Here is FaceBook M, Facebook's Very Own Digital Assitant

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Here is FaceBook M, Facebook's Very Own Digital Assitant

Back in 2015, Facebook released an article that confirmed they been working testing their own new digital assistant codenamed MonePenny. According to Facebook called it is a new service inside the already existing Facebook Messenger that would complete tasks and look for information on your behalf. Powered by an artificial intelligence, M was supposed to be trained and supervised by real people.

Facebook M digital assistant

Few days after announcing and launching its new product that will prevent unsolicited porn and abuse that comes with it, the for-profit corporation based in Menlo Park, California has officially rolled out M, its digital assistant for Messenger app. Just like Google Family Link, Facebook's M is only available in the United States, which is Facebook's base of operation and will be released worldwide in the future.

In an official Facebook post were the official release and announcement was made, it was noted that said that M will offer suggestions to people by starting an open conversation for suggesting content. This will let people get things done and help them communicate in a better way.

Facebook M, uses artificial intelligence machine learning techniques. In order to make use of it, the user simply needs to start up a chart with his/her Facebook contact or group and then M may make suggestions relevant to different actions. Along with M’s logo, the suggestion will appear. M learns more as you use it, just like any other AI-based service Like Nokia Mika, Google Allo which I believe will resurrect after getting desktop client etc. 

Facebook M digital assistant

Initially, M will include the following actions by recognizing the user's intent based on:
1.    Making plans
2.    Paying/requesting money
3.    Starting a poll in group
4.    Location sharing
5.    Sending stickers 
6.    Getting a ride

1.    Making Plans: If people are talking about getting together, M helps to coordinate a plan.

2.    Paying or Requesting Money: M recognizes when people are discussing payments and gives them the option of easily sending or requesting money.

3.    Starting a Poll (in group conversations only): Have a hard time making decisions in a group? M lets you set a poll topic and vote in group conversations.

4.    Sharing Your location: M can suggest an option to share your location during a conversation.

5.    Sending Stickers: M shares fun sticker suggestions for your daily life interactions like “Thank you” or “Bye-bye.”

6.    Getting a Ride: Talking about going somewhere? M suggests “Get A Ride” and shares an option of Lyft or Uber.

Below is a very short video of what Facebook M is all about. This video was originally shared by the Facebook team upon announcement of M

Charity they say begins at home, so after the United States comes the rest of the world. I hope you will be thrilled to have learned about Facebook M, what it's all about as well as how to use it. What is your say about this Facebook M? 

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